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Sunshine and sandcastles and Popsicles and peaches, sprinklers and strawberries and camping on beaches: these are a few of our favourite summertime things. Sunburns did not make the list.

As a summer-lovin’ and sunburn-prone family living on the wet coast, we can’t wait to get outside and stay outside at the first hint of a sunny day, but just as we teach our kids to have a healthy fear of the water we want them to respect the power of the sun. Prevention might not have been cool when we were kids, but this is a whole new century where sun suits are good-looking and sunscreen is good for you. Thanks to companies like Goddess Garden Organics and SwimZip, we fret less about the sun and more about which Popsicle to choose.

We’ve read about making our own sunscreen, we’ve tried a number of the natural varieties, but Goddess Garden is a real find. Rated #1 by the EWG for its superior Nat_June18_sunscreen_image2
effectiveness and non-toxic formula, Goddess Garden uses minerals, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide as the active agents for sun protection, provides 40 minutes of water resistance using organic ingredients and (other than the baby option) they completely rub in beautifully (a true revelation with eco formulas)!

After slathering on the sunblock, our kids are only too happy to slip into their SwimZip – sun protection clothing that the kids want to wear and – bonus – you don’t have
to reapply sunscreen! These top and bottom sets that pair lively patterns with punchy colours are batch tested to an average UPF of 50 to offer serious protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation. SwimZip styles look good on or off the beach and have thoughtful features like flat-lock stitching, a clever drawstring system for extra adjustability, and a zipper garage under the chin. The long sleeved tops proved not too hot even on the sunniest beach day, and after a dip didn’t leave kids blue-lipped and shivering and were quick to dry.

Take it from a family that’s been burned before: being sun smart allows you to have more fun in the sun and really, isn’t that what summer’s all about?

Goddess Garden Organics sunscreen is sold in Vancouver at Wee Ones Reruns:

Yo mamas and papas, looking for more ways to avoid getting burned by summer’s beaming rays? Check out these summer safety tips:

By: Sierra Dante

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