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When you’ve got tots, your jaunts tend more towards jumping into the car versus jumping on a jet plane. And daytrips are perfect for exploring beyond your usual haunts. Which is why we hit the highway and headed to the historic fishing village of Steveston, to satisfy our hankering for good coffee and barbeque.

That’s right…coffee and barbeque…at a fishing village. Stick with us here.

Drink: Since having kids, we can’t survive without caffeine, so our first stop was Rocanini Coffee Roasters – which was packed to the brim.  The coffee purveyors at Rocanini are coffee obsessed.  And it shows.  In addition to serving the usual espresso-based drinks, they also serve siphon coffee, which is yummy and looks really cool!  And our wee companion was psyched to discover the shop’s kid’s books and toys, which gave us time to enjoy our coffee.

Eat: After sipping the siphon, we wandered down Monkton for some BBQ at the Hogshack.  Now the Hogshack is certainly not what one would expect in the land of fresh seafood.  With ribs, roast chicken and slow cooked brisket on the menu, the food was delectable. But despite being very family-friendly, the service was a little slow, especially for our hungry kiddos.  Next time we’ll grab our grub to go and enjoy it on the boardwalk.

Shop: Of course, we couldn’t just eat and drink on our escapade, so we checked out a few of the kids shops in town.  A fave discovery was the kid’s consignment store, Kids Supply.  The tiny store is filled with great quality, pre-loved kids clothes.  Better yet, it’s right across the street from Rocanini, so you can shop and sip at the same time.  Then we tripped down the lane to Buttons and Soles.  This little store has tonnes of designer clothes and footwear for kids, and we drooled over outfits from designers like Petit Lem, Blu, Stride-Rite, and local favourite, Peekaboo Beans.

We’re looking forward to coming back to Steveston for fresh fish, the annual Salmon Festival on Canada Day, walks along the dock, and more fun. Because it’s only one or two hours from most of Metro Vancouver, it’s a great little getaway!


#115 – 3900 Moncton St

#160-3900 Bayview St

Kids Supply
140 – 12420 No. 1 Rd

Buttons and Soles:
#120 – 3900 Bayview St

Yo, mama! Are you a Steveston local with family hot spots to share? We’d love it if you’d  use the handy comment functionality on this article online to let us know where (else) to go when we’re in your ‘hood!

8 thoughts on “daytripping: steveston

  1. You didn’t mention that Steveston has one of the best playgrounds in the lower mainland for kids of all ages!

  2. Allegria coffee shop has a wonderful garden out back with a slide. Perfect for kids who can’t sit still. They also serve a great kids meal.

  3. Love Steveston. We are regulars but we stick to Garry Point Park, which is great for flying kites, beaching and walking. Pajos is home to the best Fish and Chips EVER! You can eat them on the floating dock right on the water or at the park.

  4. I can’t believe we forgot about that playground! Its amazing! And Pajos is a can’t miss…I love that there is one in Port Moody too. Pajos Pajos everywhere…mmmmm

  5. Oops – sorry, didn’t see previously posted comment on the playground!!! It IS really great!

  6. Steveston water park and outdoor pool (adjacent to the playground) open on the May long weekend. There are tonnes of other neat stores, too – Splash for great toys, Monkey Tree for gifts, Spotted Frog or Pebble Creek for home decor, Pieces for loose-leaf teas, Wool and Wicker for knitting supplies, and Herringer’s for delicious meats and gourmet foods! The best sushi is at Ichiro (on Chatham), amazing burgers or hot dogs at Mondo Burger, or for something a little more refined but still very kid-friendly (they have books!) try Blue Canoe. I could go on and on…

  7. Oops…Nikaido is the one that sells the great tea. Pieces is just a neat store all-round!

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