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We’d never put much thought into what made soft serve ice cream soft til we heard that Soft Peaks was opening in Gastown. Soft Peaks whips up (literally) soft serve ice cream using organic milk from Avalon Dairy, with less sugar than most ice cream and only a small percentage of the stabilizers – most of which are organic – that go into conventional soft serve.

And while you can enjoy their signature twist of ice cream on its own, it’s even better when you top it off. Their signature topping is the Honeycomb Peak – a chunk of oozing Okanagan honeycomb atop your soft serve. Other toppings include the Mudslide, a combo of chocolate sauce with Tim Tam Cookie flakes, and the North Pole Breakfast, a crunchy mix of cornflakes and your choice of caramel or honey.

We put their ice cream to the yoyomama test right when they (soft) opened, and we’re officially hooked. It’s delicious. We love that it’s not super sweet so the topping flavours stand out, and that they use local, organic milk. It was hard to choose a topping as we wanted them all, but we went with the Honeycomb Peak and were glad we did. The honeycomb added a certain je ne sais quoi to the ice cream and a few cornflakes at the bottom added a nice little crunch.

Soft Peaks is the brain (freeze) child of brothers and foodies Dan and Ken Kim who spent a year perfecting their recipes. You’ll find them in the historic BC Market Company Building in Gastown at 25 Alexander Street, and you can get your ice cream to go or take a seat and enjoy a bit of crowd watching. Plus they have all sorts of yummy plans for collaborations with other local food-focused businesses.

Our yoyokiddos have yet to try their offerings because we’re scared that once they do, they’ll never look back. And if the January line-ups at Soft Peaks are anything to go by, we can’t imagine how busy they’ll be once summer hits! Luckily, they’ve got lots of time between now and then to ramp up the yum.

Soft Peaks:
25 Alexander Street, Vancouver

A few notes: Soft Peaks is now closed until their Grand Opening on February 5th. These are early days so they tend to run out fast, and there are often line-ups, which all need to be factored in when you’re managing kiddie treat expectations. Have a nut-free kiddo? Their ice cream is nut-free but be sure to double-check the toppings as some do contain nuts. That way you’ll be sure to have a peak experience!

Yo mamas and papas! Love ice cream all year round? So do we, and here are some of our faves:

PS: Have you heard? Earnest Ice Cream opened a new location at 1829 Quebec Street just off 2nd Avenue last week?

By: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit

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