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We have a confession to make. A disastrous brush with sewing in high school left us scarred, and convinced of our complete sewing ineptness forevermore. Until a few weeks when Carley Struve, the woman behind the New West sewing studio, SewGood disabused us of the notion that we’d never successfully sew a seam.

SewGood runs out of Struve’s well-equipped basement. She has all the sewing supplies you need, from incredibly easy-to-use sewing machines, to fancy irons and a serger. You just have to bring your fabric, notions and a pattern. If even that sounds overwhelming to you, as it did to us, have no fear, she’ll help you figure out what exactly you need for your project at your first SewGood class.

Struve offers classes for kids from six to 12, teens and adults of every level. With no more than four students per class you’re guaranteed to get the help you need to complete your project over the four weeks each class runs. She also has drop in Stich ‘n Bitch sessions which are great if you don’t have a machine at home but you have a project you’d like to finish, or you want to try a sewing girls night out with your friends. There are also one-off How To Fix Stuff and Make It Fit classes. And you can even opt for private school if you’d prefer.

We took a one night intensive, which was like four classes rolled into one. A more “experienced” friend accompanied us. She appreciated Struve’s less-than-rigid approach to sewing which allowed for a bit of freedom and flexibility. We appreciated getting over our mental sewing hurdle with some friendly, helpful instruction that demystified the whole thing for us. We left with two completed pint-sized elastic waist skirts. We may even tackle an apron next. That’s how daring we feel!

Sadly this newfound confidence means that we no longer have an excuse to defer sewing on buttons to our mother. And our children have absurdly high hopes of the wardrobes we’re going to make for them – and their dolls…

410 Fader Street , New Westminster

Yo, mama! Want to get your sew on but aren’t near New West?
Spool of Thread is a Vancouver-based option.

6 thoughts on “sew simple

  1. I currently am going to this class and loving it. It’s my first time to use a sewing machine and everything else, using a pattern, cutting a fabric, ironing seams.. everything.. and Carley’s a lovely, gifted, patient teacher! I give this a thumbs up!!! This gives me the confidence I need as I decide to do more sewing.

  2. Hello

    I am contacting you because I’ve decided that I want to make my own clothes and express myself from my own creations. I have some simple ideas, but need some guidance and someone to help me with my designs.

    I’ve been looking on the websites to see what is available for my situation, and this is how I had come to find you. Would this be the place for me to learn how to make my own clothes. I want to make very simple wrap clothing. I would like to make men’s Thai Fisherman pants for myself, use recycled saris for some wraps, and that is about it. I want to make very simple, no fuss, clothing with colour, unique individual style for myself, and I want to add different mediums. I also want to eventually do this in my own home, as a hobby to design my own close.

    Please let me know if this is the place for me.

    Thank you very much


  3. Hi Marilyn – unfortunately we are not the right spot for you. We find great resources and products for families but we don’t do anything like you’re thinking but you could contact SewSimple directly and see if Carly can help you!

  4. Hi Marilyn!

    I only just came upon your question now! My apologies, it never occurred to me to check back here for responses! I am the owner of the SewGood Studio which is featured in this editorial.

    I offer beginner sewing lessons and I can definitely teach you the skills that you can use to make the items you are interested in.

    Please feel free to check out my website and email me at with any questions.


  5. Im also currently going to sew good classes, i have never sew in my life and i thought it was very hard bur after going there you’ll learn how ease it is.Carley is a great teacher and is she can tought me how to sew i think anybody can do it!!! I definetly recommend sewing with Carley she is a very patient and friendly teacher.

  6. We just had our intro tastygo van deal yesterdy, and made a morsbag! We all felt the same way about home ec, and with Carley’s help; we made great progress! We were all so proud and impressed with ourselves! Thanks Carley! My aunt Michelle and I are planning on taking her level classes.

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