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First of all (to be clear), we’re not complaining: We know Canadians have a curious relationship with the weather, always yearning for the next season rather than lovin’ the one we’re with. But let’s just say it: we love hot sunny summers (and we’re hoping for one this year!). However, we still have vivid memories of sunburn and sunstroke as kids and we don’t want to go there again, so our motto these days is ‘be prepared’.

The Babiator Sunglasses (pictured above) may finally bring us satisfaction in the ongoing eye protection battle in our house. See, our two boys have ridiculously long lashes which bash against the lenses causing much annoyance, and resistance to shades.  But our long-lashed tester found the Babiators to have slightly longer arms, holding the lens that much farther from the eye. They’re also very easy to put on, and with a rubber frame and shatter resistant lens, seem far less fragile than standard glasses. Plus, we’re really digging their aviator glasses style! Given that children’s eyes have fewer natural protections against UV exposure, we’re glad to have finally found some eye protection that will work.

Grow-with-me Sun HatsWe’re a little in love with the Grow-with-me Sun Hats from local designer Twinklebelle. The adjustable head strap gives the hat its name, and the large we tried (2-12 yr) was equally as comfortable on our 5-year-old’s head as on our own (there is also a 0-24 months size). The hats are breathable, 100% cotton, which means it’s comfortable in the heat. And with the wide brim and 50+ UPF, it provides great sun protection. We particularly liked the thoughtfulness of the design: hats can fly off (although less likely when you can adjust the head strap to get a perfect fit), so they come with a detachable neck strap with toggle adjustment and a break-away clip to minimize any choking hazard. (We we know this is a little off topic but we also like their aprons and we adore that their product pictures show lots of men and boys cooking, too.)

Badger Baby Sunscreen, Chamomile and Calendula, SPF 30+We gave the Badger Baby Sunscreen, Chamomile and Calendula, SPF 30+ a test run during a spring vacay to hot climes, and were quite pleased. Sunscreen is a strange product to review because for the non-scientists among us, it works on a “no-news-is-good-news” basis, meaning none of us got burned! But a few points in its favour: it didn’t feel gloopy, sticky or oily at all; it comes in a carry-on approved size; and most importantly, it is highly rated by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Sunscreen Review. It’s also biodegradable, non-nano, oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate-free, and you’ll easily recognize most of the ingredients, like zinc, olive oil, and cocoa butter.

Wherever your adventures take you this summer just remember: wear clothes (!) and sunglasses, find shade, plan around the sun, stay hydrated and re-apply sunscreen often (a shot glass size for each application). And enjoy the sunshine it while it lasts!

Yo mama, as we roll into summer here are some more sun safety tips:

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