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When it comes to personal care products, we’re very conscious of what we put on our bodies as we know it also ends up in our bodies. Except when it comes to deodorants. We’ve tried and tested organic and eco-friendly deodorants to no avail, even with Adria Vasil’s (aka the Ecoholic) guidance. So we’d been sticking with conventional ways of keeping the smell at bay until we fell in love with Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Natural Deodorant.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company is a Canmore-based, family-run business that started off making handmade soap grew to include stores across Western Canada and now offers a toxin-free collection of natural bath and body products, deodorant included! Until recently we’ve been ordering their products online, but with the opening of two toxin-free stores (as in the build out of the stores themselves was also toxin-free) in Bentall Centre and Metropolis at Metrotown, we can now get a hold of their goodies in person. Being lotion and potion addicts, testing and trying personal care products for scent and feel is important to us.

We have a theory that natural deodorants in particular react differently to everyone’s unique body chemistry, so while we can’t promise you’ll be as smell-free as we were when testing their liquid crystal roll on deodorant (and we hate roll ons, but they converted us), but we hope you will be. We put this to the test over a steamy summer, through stressful situations – including TV appearances, exercise and more. And it never let us down. Not once. There was nary a pongy armpit in sight. Or smell. We prefer the unscented version but we plan to scent-test the other versions in store.

We’re fans of their oil-based line of facial care products as well. They don’t work like traditional cleansers; there’s no foaming or toning, but leave skin feeling clean and moisturized. And dare we say – looking younger, or at least fresher.

We haven’t had a chance to check out the new stores, but they’re on our holiday shopping hit list because we want to share natural non-pongy-ness with all those we’re close to. For our sake and theirs.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company:

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By: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit

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