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down by the river

Last year we wrote of our daytripping adventures in New Westminster and one of our favourite haunts, the River Market, which at that time had only a smattering of stores.  Since then the location has exploded in a whirlwind of activity and retailers, so we thought it was time for a bit of a River Market redux.

For those of us who grew up in BC, the Westminster Quay holds many fond memories, with its signature green roof and giant tin soldier. It used to be the centre of downtown New Westminster, but over the years it had fallen into disarray and went from being a bustling hub of market activity to…well…something else entirely. The newly named River Market now has a fabulous anchor tenant with Donald’s Market, great independent boutiques like Tiny Finery, kid-focused fun like Pedagogy Toys and the Vancouver Circus School, and mouth watering destinations like Wild Rice, Re-Up Barbeque (where, this past weekend, we ate the best biscuits and gravy ever), and much, much more.  One of our family favourites is the Crab Shop, which carries fabulous fresh seafood and tasty, reasonably priced fish and chips (a family of four can eat for $20!).

In addition to having fantastic food and shopping, the River Market is committed to continued community involvement. It’s the new venue for the Royal City Farmers’ Market Winter Market, assorted local craft fairs, and founders of the One Prize – a community development grant for the city of New Westminster.  We love the assortment of events offered at the market, including cooking classes and themed months, with free products on their Facebook page (January is coffee month).  They also want to hear what you want to see at the Market so reach out and let them know!  Think big. Maybe stroller lockers?  Play area with childcare? Larger family areas for no cry zones? Send an email and let your voice be heard.

We’re thinking of asking for mama massages, ourselves…

River Market at Westminster Quay:
810 Quayside Drive,
New Westminster

2 thoughts on “down by the river

  1. We love Great Wall Tea…there are so many great stores at the River Market it was hard to highlight only a few. Thanks for mentioning Great Wall Tea!

    In other news, we just heard (thanks to the always up to the minute River Market Facebook page that Wally Burger is coming to the Market! Yet another yummy reason to go…but perhaps you should take the train and walk to help work the burger and fries off:)

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