Party Pleasers in the Bag Dedicated Emails

Party Pleasers in the Bag: Dedicated Email

As a kid, we all remember being handed that precious and much anticipated loot bag at someone else’s birthday fete, full of little surprises that signaled a happy conclusion to a sugar-fueled celebration.

Fast forward some odd years and as parents, us yoyomamas (and dadas) are veterans to the birthday loot bag game; accurately predicting at what point in time on the car trip home our own kiddo’s loot bags will rip and spread “toy joy” all over the car floor or the exact ratio of saliva and “tooting” it will take for those paper noisemakers to disintegrate into a messy, brightly-coloured stain on the car seat.

Well Vancouver-based Bag O’Swag is changing the loot bag game by offering cleverly curated loot bags and durable party favours for kids (and even adults).

While loot bags may be an afterthought to the whole party planning process, Bag O’Swag provides over 20 unique loot bag themes inspired by memories of good times, good laughs, and good fun. You can choose from the “Bag O’Bloom” for the hopeful gardeners, “Bag O’Space” for little astronauts and a “Bag O’Smarts” outfitted with puzzles for the budding Mensa member. There’s even a “Bag Your Swag” option where customers can choose their own custom loot bag contents.

The best part? These curated loot items offer both instant entertainment and lasting play value. No ripped or torn bags either, as each theme comes in a reusable cotton drawstring bag. Bag O’ Swag offers easy online ordering and shipping options making it the ideal, go-to party helper. Speaking of shipping options, customers who live in the Greater Vancouver area receive free shipping!

For party planning tips and Bag O‘ Swag updates, make sure to follow them on Facebook. What’s not to love about a service that makes party planning easier and leaves you more time to peruse Pinterest for the perfect cake?

Bag O’ Swag:

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