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We have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning. We love the feeling of a spic and span house, but we hate navigating all the cleaning advice. From where to find recipes for making your own green cleaners, to how to get stains out of practically anything – consider this your guide to spring cleaning without losing your mind.

How to make your own green cleaners: Consider making your own cleaning products this year – not only is it better for you, the world and your family, it’s cheaper to boot. David Suzuki’s Queen of Green is our go-to source for easy recipes that actually work.

How to keep little ones amused while you’re cleaning: Busy wallets, treasure baskets, answers to “I’m bored!” – we’ve got lots of resources for you here on our Pinterest boards – including some great toddler clean-up activities. Plus, we’ve got snack ideas so that you can stay well-fuelled – spring cleaning is hungry work!

How to clean practically everything: Martha Stewart has good-ish guides especially for things like stain removal, but occasionally veers into gibberish (how many of you have a stock of “denatured alcohol” hanging around?). So for more amusing – and realistic – instructions, Jolie Kerr (aka “Ask A Clean Person”) has suggestions on how to clean just about anything. Start with her guide to floors as your pre-clean read. And Crayola publishes an excellent guide for how to get their products off of everything in your house – you know, like the crayon on your walls. Warning: these sites don’t have green in mind, so we adapt this advice where possible using the Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green tested stain removers.

How to have the best break: Refuel. Here’s how to make the best cup of coffee, and a proper cup of tea while you take a teensy Pinterest break and pat yourself on the back. Because congratulations: you’ve just survived spring cleaning!

Yo families, if you’re looking for more help with your spring cleaning or greening:

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By: Channing Rodman

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