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It’s funny how our kiddos hit kindergarten, and suddenly become their own people with distinct personalities and opinions. Ours knows exactly what she wants to wears and needs to have full design control when it comes to her bedroom. She wants to be involved in picking out and even creating signature pieces to decorate her space, which is where The Plush Craft Fabric by Number Pillows comes in.

We’ve all heard of colour by number and paint by number, but have you heard of fabric by number? Plush Craft has created five designs of decorative pillows from personalized pillows to ladybugs and foxes, which kids can “colour in” using fabric! It’s the perfect craft project for kidlets, like ours, who want to create items for their rooms.

And lest you think you aren’t a crafty mama, rest assured, it isn’t called fabric by number for nothing! There’s no sewing required. Each pillow comes pre-stuffed, ready to be decorated using a stylus to punch oversized fabric pieces into corresponding numbered holes.

We put together the Fancy Fish Pillow with our kiddo, who exclaimed, “It looks just like rainbow fish!” when she spied the box cover. We started our project by sorting the six different colours of fabric into piles, then we set to work punching each colour of fabric into the appropriate numbered hole that corresponded with the colour. Our crafty 5-year-old was able to do the entire body of the fish, with larger fabric pieces by herself, but needed some help once we got to the tiny pieces that went on the face. This mama loved how the project got our kiddo’s brain working, remembering which colour and number corresponded.

When we finished the pillow, she hugged it to her chest, showed it off proudly and then ran it into her bedroom where it took centre stage decorating her bed. Affordable and fun, these fabric by number pillows are definitely going to be go-to birthday gifts for crafty kids.

Plush Craft:

Yo mamas and papas, looking for more crafty, creative toys for kids? These are all yoyo-tested and approved!

By: Crystal Allen

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