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There’s a new toy store in town and you don’t want to shilly-shally, get yourself over to dilly dally on the Drive. Even if your tots aren’t currently in need of toys and there are no birthday parties on the horizon you’ll want to drop by, if only to soak in the atmosphere and maybe pick up a handful of marbles for a dollar.

dilly dally, which only just opened, is the toy box of Claire Hutchings and Tyler Quantz whose titles are head block builder, fairyland explorer and toy shop owner and chief yoyo tester, imaginary pirate and toy shop owner respectively. And those titles pretty much set the tone for the store which is stocked with fun, imaginative, well-crafted and time-tested toys that are everything but run-of-the-mill.

When you walk in to the large, bright, stroller-friendly space you’re faced with a mix and match table stocked with small goodies like balls, marbles and bubbles which are perfect for party favours, stocking stuffers or just a little treat. Behind that you’ll find an array of classic games and puzzles and they’ve got a built in drawing bar to keep your babes busy while you browse. You’ll also find shelves stocked with dolls, stuffed animals, wooden toys, a dress up corner, lots of art supplies and books.

It’s the sort of store where you’ll keep stopping to exclaim, “That was my favourite book when I was little,” or “I used to have those blocks!” Dads will love browsing too as there’s a great collection of toys for boys that wind, twist and roll with nary a battery in sight.

dilly dally will make you wish you were a kid again and certainly make you glad you’ve got kids and a good excuse to frequent the store. We appreciate they’ve got toys ranging from quality bubble blow for a few dollars to tricked out wooden pirate ships for closer to $100. We’d suggest you drop in now and stake out what you want, or want to get your tots, for Christmas.

dilly dally
1161 Commercial Drive

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