vancouver: what to do, what to do?

It’s going to be a busy weekend around town! Many cities around the Lower Mainland are hosting Earth Day events over the weekend including community clean-up campaigns. Surrey’s Party for the Planet is probably the biggest, and well worth a day trip. CircusWest is presenting its annual show; Kerrisdale Village is in carnival mood; BC Farm Museum is celebrating big horses; and the Vancouver Sun Run is taking over the streets on Sunday. If your kids love concrete mixers and machinery, head over to Granville Island for Ocean Concrete’s open house. You can get a little bit country at Timberline Ranch’s annual family festival, and meet big birds at the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society’s open house. There’s lots more to do too, so check the calendar, get out of the house, and have fun!

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the facts of life

When we were growing up, we distinctly remember having “the talk” with our parents. It involved books, charts and even a short film, and we came out of it all demystified and only slightly uncomfortable. Our parents were well ahead of the game and by grade one, we had a fairly good grasp on where we came from, but many of our peers didn’t really know what was going on with their bodies or “how babies are made” until well into their teens.

ten ways to spring into earth day

We’d be the first to tell you that Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are fun all year round – but we think spring here is extra special. Celebrate Earth Month with our top ten list of must-do’s in and around Vancouver to help you ring in spring.

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springing to life

After a seemingly endless winter complete with ice-encrusted playgrounds, we’re packing up our toques and down coats and kicking winter to the curb. It’s warm, it’s Earth Month, and we can’t wait to head outdoors for some fresh air and springtime fun. Here are a few of our fave parks for family exploring.

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Make Every Day Earth Day: Dedicated Email

April may be Earth Month, but over at, every day is Earth Day. is your local classifieds site. Not only do they make it easy to buy and sell used and new-to-you items (the ultimate in recycling), but they have oodles of great ideas for making your every day Earth Day. Here are a few earth-friendly tips for you and your family:

vancouver: what to do, what to do?

This weekend isn’t all about Easter Bunnies and chocolate eggs. Earth Day is coming up, and there are tons of events celebrating our home planet (and more to come next week!) How about a parade down Commercial Drive, or fun earthy science at Science World? It’s also World Circus Day, and time for Vancouver Circus School’s annual spring show. Professor Banjo is in town for a family concert; the Vaisakhi parade is taking over the streets in Surrey; and the Mommies N Munchkins fair is on in Langley. There are a few great outdoor events as well, from an egg hunt in Stanley Park to cleaning the parks and streets in Surrey. To find the Easter Bunny, check our Easter event listings – we’ve added a few new ones.

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get your greens

We’re always on the lookout for ways to get more dark leafy greens into our family. We’ve made kale pesto, spinach smoothies, green juice, and we’ve massaged the truth, telling our kids that greens will give them strong muscles, but we’ve never applied broccoli topically – until now.

Oh Baby Baby: Dedicated Email

If you’re an expecting mum, an experienced super mama or a supportive family member, the tradeshow of all tradeshows, Bellies to Babies Celebration™, is back in town on Sunday, May 4th.  This is BC’s original tradeshow for new and expectant parents and is one of the most anticipated events of …

plant the seed

Kids are born to garden. From six months old, babies love to pull blades of grass, stick their hands in dirt and press their faces against plants. And on the West Coast, we get to start early so here are a few tips on how to turn their little thumbs green.

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