vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Fall is officially here – the temps are dipping, the leaves are changing, and days are getting short quickly. Celebrate the change of the season at Wesbrook Village Festival, Dunbar Village Harvest Festival, Olde Harvest Fair or Mt. Lehman Fall Fair. There’s also a new festival in town – the Vancouver Tugboat Festival is happening on Granville Island! There are movies to see, nature walks, pirates, and many other fun things. And while the teachers are sorting out the classrooms, we’ll keep updating the day camp list if needed. MORE

dust busting

It’s funny how the things we get excited about change when we have kids. Take vacuums. Pre-kids a vacuum was … well … a vacuum. But now we find that any tool that alleviates the constant pain of cleaning is, dare we say, thrilling. Take the Samsung Motion Sync canister vacuum. We kinda love it – almost as much as we once loved getting a new handbag – maybe more! MORE

striking a balance

Frustrated and weary do not begin to cover how we feel as the dispute between the BCTF and the provincial government drags on and on. Our kids are dying to see their classmates, dreaming of field trips, and even (much our surprise) craving the structure of the classroom. We polled our readers and friends to find out how they are beating the boredom, inspiring learning and keeping kids active and engaged during this endless summer. MORE

The Best of the West: Dedicated Email

Classics are classic for a reason and that includes West Broadway in Vancouver – a great spot to visit with – or without – the kids. Located in the heart of the Kitsilano neighbourhood between Larch and Collingwood Streets, West Broadway (“West Bway”) offers a fantastic, mix of shops, restaurants and services, and it’s just a short walk or bike ride to our city’s beautiful parks and beaches. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

The West Coast weather is treating us to a gloriously long summer this year, perfect for outdoor activities. Why not head to the Southlands Country Fair, FarmAde or Autumn Shift right in Vancouver. Farther away, there’s the BBQ on the Bypass, Country Celebration in Campbell Valley Regional Park, the Chilliwack Garlic Festival, and Treefest in Coquitlam. Explore the wild side of the outdoors at Pacific Spirit Park, Stanley Park or Iona Beach. When the sun goes down, join the lantern parade and celebration at Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. And if the schools still aren’t a go next week, be sure to check our expanding list of day camps. MORE

good eats

The leaves are turning, the temps are plunging, and for many school is in session (fingers crossed BC-ers!). Either way, we need to get our meal act together! It’s not like summer, we can’t just toss a bowl full of berries at the kids and be done with it. So we checked in with Vancpuver-based certified holistic nutritionist, health consultant and founder of, Alyssa Bauman, for tips, suggestions and recipes on how to hit the kid meal trifecta: healthy, quick and easy. Oh and did we mention, she’s the mum of three littles, so all her recipes are kid taste-tested and approved! We’ve gone a little long today but when it comes to kids and eating we’re up for all the ideas we can get and we suspect you may be too! MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

It’s time for a full moon and the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. If moon cake is your thing, you can celebrate it in White Rock or in Richmond. Other cultural celebrations this weekend include the Polish Festival, the Latin American corn harvest fiesta and the Aloha West Fest. Head to Langley for the annual Cruise-In, to Delta for a lantern festival, or to West Vancouver to celebrate the return of Coho salmon. Spend a day at the farm, tackle the Coquitlam Crunch, or take the Paws for Cause walk. And if schools still aren’t in (fingers crossed that they are!), be sure to check our extensive list of day camps. MORE

Contest: Toyota BC: MY Rav4 Groceries & Gas Giveaway!

Who ever said that putting all your eggs in one basket was a bad thing? In this food-‘n-fuel giveaway, Toyota BC is giving away three awesome prizes to three lucky yoyomamas (or dadas)! Two $100 gas cards will be awarded throughout the duration of the contest, leading up to the grand prize: a $1,000 gift card at Whole Foods so you can get as many eggs (or fruits or baked goods) as you please! MORE

masterful pack

Boys can be particular in their obsessions. Let’s see … dinosaurs, trains, light sabers, Nerf guns, and, oh yes, anything LEGO®! Suffice to say, with school just in session (and hopefully soon for BC-ers), we can’t get enough a backpack that melds a couple of our boy’s favorite things: dinosaurs and camo. Mastermind Toys is the place for fun, playful school supplies for the elementary set, and we fell in love with the Bixbee Dinosaur Camo Backpack, which pairs up nicely with their bright LEGO® Bag Tag. MORE


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