sustainable supplies

We’re big Me to We fans here at yoyo HQ. We love how they use social enterprise to help us make better choices for a better world. Their newest winner of a collaboration with Staples and ACCO Brands – just in time for back to school – allows kids to stock up on school supplies and help children in Latin America, Africa and Asia receive access to education without battling hunger, thirst, disease and financial restraints. MORE

sole searching

Now, we don’t want to alarm any kiddos out there, but there’s only a couple weeks left until those bare, summer-loving, sand-digging toes will have to wear – dare we say it? – shoes. But saying sayonara to sandal season isn’t as bad as you think – take a look at this list of local fashionable, family-friendly shoe stores we’ve rounded up to help you in your fall footwear search. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

It’s going to be another beautiful weekend in the Lower Mainland – and we don’t mean just the weather! World’s largest sandbox is inviting you to play on Second Beach and with the Chilliwack Flight Fest, Arts Alive in Langley and Cloverdale’s Blueberry Festival, there’s no shortage of places to go. Not to be missed is BC’s annual Renaissance Festival, plus there’s nature exploration, outdoor movies, crafts and more to round out the weekend fun. There’s so much happening you’re bound to create many a happy memory, and some great photos to boot! MORE

oui say yes to these threads

Nothing says Back to School like new duds for the kiddos, and that means boys too. We parents of boys know how hard it can be to find clothes that look and feel good. But not just that, we want local, organic, ecological, sustainable clothing that we like and that our kids want to wear. This seemed like a tall order until we discovered OuiMe. MORE

fancy footwear

We’re always on the lookout for the perfect kicks for the kiddo especially at Back to School time. We’ve blown through our fair share of canvas runners and had more than a few lace-up fiascos (ow, my back!), so we want something durable, water resistant, and easy to get on with a side order of school yard style. Oh and good for our kids’ feet too! Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover PLAE shoes. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Are you tired of sunshine yet? We sure aren’t! The rains will come, but for now, we’re soaking up the rays! As much fun as it is to lounge on the beach, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. How about the Richmond Maritime Festival? Enjoy the sunshine on a deck of a big old ship! If you prefer airplanes, Abbotsford International Airshow is on. Or stroll down the pedestrian space on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, and take in some flavours and sounds of India at the same time. The Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival is happening this weekend, as is Chilliwack Fair & Rodeo. How about beach combing or bug hunting? Theatre on the beach, a historical scavenger hunt, or one of the many outdoor movies? There are so many ways to enjoy the summer! What’s your favourite? MORE

water babies

Every parent knows that the things our kids want to play with the most, are our things. Cell phones, car keys, brooms, pots and pans – the list goes on. If we’ve got it, they want it. But often pint-sized versions of adult products are flimsy toys, not actual workable, scaled-down versions of grown up goodies. Not so the Aqualung Kids Series Zip PC Snorkel Set. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

We’re halfway through the summer holidays, and it’s time for a long weekend! The Pride Parade is taking over Vancouver’s streets for the 36th time, followed by the Pride Festival on Sunset Beach. The Harmony Arts Festival starts in West Vancouver this weekend, and goes on until next week. If you’re thinking of a weekend out of town, check out Agrifair in Abbotsford or the White Rock Sea Festival. Brigade Days are on in Fort Langley – the arrival of fur brigades on Monday is not to be missed. There are many other events too – discover turtles, play with old-fashioned toys, listen to the symphony, see the Snowbirds, take a pony ride in the woods, or help create a community mural. So round up the family, get out and have some fun! MORE

doin’ the drive

We have a few summer driving trips planned and don’t want to rely (solely!) on iPads and video games to while away extended stretches in the family SUV. So we’ve gathered the perfect blend of games and activities to keep little minds and hands busy all trip long. MORE


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