kid-friendly poses for family yoga time

Yoga stretches out the physical and mental kinks of motherhood, but should our kids be unrolling their mats too? Yogi Lara Cubitt says yes. She talked to us about the benefits of a family yoga practice and guided us through … MORE

spring style guide part 1: babies

The first instalment of our three-part Spring Style Guide features trends and pieces for babies from local and Canadian brands to go “googoo” and “gaga” over! Just because our Canadian groundhogs couldn’t make up their minds, doesn’t mean we are also sitting on the … MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Metro Vancouver is bursting with love! We are heading into Valentine’s Day weekend and there’s no shortage of ways to spend some fun time together as a family. So between celebrating at home with your family and making some great Valentine’s … MORE

celebrate valentine’s day as a family

Way back when (aka pre-kiddos), Valentine’s Day was a fun day to get dressed up and head out for a romantic night on the town. These days, February 14th usually passes with very little pomp and practically no circumstance. It’s tough … MORE

valentine’s day books for kids

Contest alert! You can enter to win your choice of three Valentine’s Day books from Raincoast Books, plus the Be Mine crafting book and a lovely plush polar bear to snuggle with! Click here for full details and to enter … MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Hello, February! We are excited you are here. You bring Family Day, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and lots of fun family activities with you. And since the groundhog did not see his shadow on February 2nd this year, we are … MORE


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