under cover baby

When you have a new baby, you can find yourself surrounded by accessories and clothing that are designed for baby, not for mum. While we love our cute baby things, sometimes we long for something that is fashionable and fun, but it can be hard to justify spending money on mum when budgets are tight. That’s why we love to find things are stylish and practical like Little Dream Bird car seat and stroller covers – the perfect marriage of fashion and function. MORE

edible sunshine

Our epic, endless summer, has sadly come to an end, which means it’s time to get back in the kitchen, dust off those heat-producing appliances, and save the summer’s bounty to enjoy all winter. Whether we grew it ourselves, bought it at a farmer’s market, or drove to the country to load up, here are five ways to deal with (and savour) all that deliciousness. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Two big events are happening this weekend – Culture Days and World Rivers Day, so cities around the Lower Mainland will be celebrating arts and culture and the importance of rivers. But that’s not all. Word Vancouver’s free festival of writing and reading is on this weekend, and the Backyard Biodiversity exhibition opens at the Beaty Museum. The Belly, Baby & Kid Show is happening in Cloverdale, and Terra Nova Rural Park’s spectacular new playground is having its opening ceremony. There’s lots to do, so join the fun! MORE

fall into friendship

School is on (yes, even in BC!), and this means making new classmates and friends, which can be bring up all kinds of insecurities in our kids. Here are three lovely books about friendships found in unexpected places, perfect for cozying up on the couch with the kiddos. MORE

Celebrating Bellies and Babies: Dedicated Email

If you’re an expecting mum, an experienced super mama or a supportive family member, the tradeshow of all tradeshows, Bellies to Babies Celebration™, is back in town on Sunday, October 5th. This is BC’s original tradeshow for new and expectant parents and is one of the most anticipated events of the fall season. Whether you’re a rookie or becoming a mama for the second or third time, this day is all about you! MORE

leaping forward

We love it when businesses we’ve seen open, go from strength to strength. And we love it even more when two of those great businesses collaborate to become even better, which is what Jump Gymnastics and Kids Physio Group have done with their new shared space in North Vancouver. MORE

vancouver: kid & family friendly events

Fall is officially here – the temps are dipping, the leaves are changing, and days are getting short quickly. Celebrate the change of the season at Wesbrook Village Festival, Dunbar Village Harvest Festival, Olde Harvest Fair or Mt. Lehman Fall Fair. There’s also a new festival in town – the Vancouver Tugboat Festival is happening on Granville Island! There are movies to see, nature walks, pirates, and many other fun things. And while the teachers are sorting out the classrooms, we’ll keep updating the day camp list if needed. MORE

dust busting

It’s funny how the things we get excited about change when we have kids. Take vacuums. Pre-kids a vacuum was … well … a vacuum. But now we find that any tool that alleviates the constant pain of cleaning is, dare we say, thrilling. Take the Samsung Motion Sync canister vacuum. We kinda love it – almost as much as we once loved getting a new handbag – maybe more! MORE

striking a balance

Frustrated and weary do not begin to cover how we feel as the dispute between the BCTF and the provincial government drags on and on. Our kids are dying to see their classmates, dreaming of field trips, and even (much our surprise) craving the structure of the classroom. We polled our readers and friends to find out how they are beating the boredom, inspiring learning and keeping kids active and engaged during this endless summer. MORE


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