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Contest: Old Navy, New You

This contest is closed.  Congratulations to our winner Donna L!

When we were young, back-to-school shopping was like bonus mini-vacation. We’d hit the mall, get some treats and get totally set for the re-entry to school: smarter, taller, and much cooler than last year thanks in part to our cute new outfits. But now that we’re grown-ups, that bonus vacay feeling just became a reality: starting August 1st, Old Navy stores across Canada will start offering AIR MILES  reward miles for all in-store purchases.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Old Navy with your kids, solve all their first-day-back clothing problems with ease. You are relaxed, you are calm, you are getting closer to a plane trip.
  • Earn on in-store purchases at all 66 Old Navy Stores across the country and receive a reward mile for every $20 you spend.
  • To celebrate the launch, from August 1st to the 14th Old Navy will be offering 10 Bonus reward miles on purchases of $50 or more. Hesitate between Milan and London as possible travel destinations – both are so nice this time of year.

Now everyone’s got that mini-vacay feeling, right?

AIRMILESBut wait, we’ve got a special offer for yoyomama readers: one of you is going to win 500 AIR MILES reward miles and a $150 Old Navy Gift Certificate for a total approximate value of $250. To win this contest, just leave us a comment describing your best/worst back-to-school outfit ever. We’ll go first: one year we sported black Doc Martens, a kilt, a ruffled button-down tuxedo shirt and – oh yes – a beret. Look out, cast of Clueless, we stole your wardrobe. (As if!) That outfit right there is why our kids are headed to Old Navy, stat — and that’s getting us closer to Paris…no wait, Hawaii…no wait, maybe New York — one AIR MILES reward at a time. This contest runs from August 12th to 16th and after that we’ll be drawing a winner – so bring on that vacation feeling!

PS Fine print readers, the following terms and conditions apply: AIR MILES Reward Program is a prize provider. Unfortunately AIR MILES associates or agents of the company can’t participate in this contest. Winners determined at the discretion of yoyomama.ca staff and only one (1) prize will be awarded.

49 thoughts on “Contest: Old Navy, New You

  1. Oh my in 1992 I wore a pair of vintage bellbottom jeans, a pair of black platform shoes, and a red flowered thrift store blouse. I was trying to be “different” lol.

  2. I started G8 as a newb from Scotland. My mom had valiantly spent the summer searching for ‘school’ shoes for me to wear to my first day of Canadian school. It was bad enough I was only 12..but wearing what amounted to ‘nurses’ shoes pre-clog days was enough to destroy any kred I could ever hope to achieve. It was 1981

  3. The worst outfit ever was when my mom dressed my sisters (they are twins) in matching velour jumpsuits in grade 7!

  4. jean shorts that were so ripped i had to wear boxers underneath and a tshirt signed by all my freinds at summer camp that was ten sizes too big and tie dyed. Oh ya!

  5. I remember started school in a tunic, white blouse, and brown leather shoes. We all looked alike

  6. My worst outfit one school year was a bright yellow scoop top with black baggy MC hammer type pants and jelly sandals WITH socks! Did I also mention the awesome neon yellow/green backpack I carried?!? yup, my mom thought I should reconsider my outfit, however I just thought I looked GOOD!

  7. Individual items stand out more than whole outfits but I have a particularly wince-worthy memory of a pastel striped shirt with a sleeveless net vest over top (hello 1984) and neon pink jeans.

  8. Easily was the whole Adidas outfit, pants, tshirt, shoes and jacket.. I thought I was looking pretty cool in grade8!

  9. my step mom made me “feather my hair” have these discusting purple pants and orrange shirt! DISCUSTING LOL

  10. I was never allowed to wear store bought clothing on the first day of school. Instead, my destiny was to wear a new sweater that my Grandma had knitted me. They were always bright and tacky, but made with love. I tried to like them, I really did. But I finally had enough on the first day of grade 7, after it was expected that I wear a “kitty” sweater that even had ears attached to the hood. It was too much.

  11. It was grade ten! Bought my own jeans with a design on the back pockets which i had never owned before and these cool treetorn i think is the name of the shoes! I was so styling!

  12. My worst outfit was a red plaid dress that had a big red bow in the front and red wool pants that you wore with it that matched the bow on the dress. Besides being ugly it was hot and itchy. My Mom insisted that I wear it for school pictures that year. Every time I see that picture I remember how uncomfortable I felt in it.

  13. I can’t remember if I wore it the first day of school, but for grade 7 I fondly recall a neon yellow sweater paired with a long white skirt and ‘jelly’ shoes. What was that? yes, coupled with an afro style perm because the hairdresser didn’t understand that I wanted to keep the length that I had been growing for 2 years with the body wave perm. Good times all around. :D

  14. Worst: my blue plaid pantsuit. My hair pulled back in a pony tail with a red bauble holding it in place. It was the 70’s & I looked so cool (not!)

  15. Two words – bum rush. I actually wore jeans with these words painted on graffiti style up and down the leg. My only excuse was that I was a naive small town seventh grader who didn’t know what the expression meant so assumed it was something cool.

  16. In grade 8, I wore a red and white striped tee with white jeans, with bangs teased high. Not that bad except I looked like a candy cane…:(

  17. I have a pic of me in patterned bell bottom pants and a lovely matching polyester brown shirt. Oh, the 70s!

  18. I thought I was so cool in my black Men’s Army Surplus boots that made my feet look twice as big! Ah….Grade 10. The rebellious years. My mom was not impressed that I spent all my back-to-school shopping money on used grungy clothes and shoes.

  19. Acid wash head to toe with freshly permed poodle hair! Oh we looked good in the 80’s! ;)

  20. The worst was the year my mom dressed me and my two sisters in matching neon green, pink and yellow ensembles. The top was a ruffled strapless tube top and the bottom was a ruffled mini skirt. Just this last year someone posted a picture of a similar outfit on my Facebook page saying that it reminded them of my outfit from Elementary school, and that was over 20 years ago!

  21. Loved my 6th grade outfit- neon pink shirt and matching shorts (it might have also been tie-dyed!) and 3 layers of slouch socks. I had a crazy perm too that made my hair puff out everywhere.

  22. My worst ever outfit was in grade 8 .. New bob perm hairdo, acid wash jeans and a pastel peach top.. yup so wrong

  23. oh this is bringing back some sartorial memories!

    mid-80’s, grade 9 … tight jeans, my dad’s white button down shirt, a brown cardigan that i’d pilfered from my grandad and a skinny gray leather tie (i think i may have been going for an androgynous thing in rebellion against my growing chest??!). i wanted to shave my hair on one side (to go with my long side swept bangs) but my mum said no, so i would gel it up like crazy to LOOK like it was shaved.

  24. After reading these, I guess I should be glad I had to wear a uniform to school. However, I did have high 80’s hair and big round glasses that were way too big for my face. So, looking back at pictures I do cringe a bit.

  25. Starting a new school in grade 9 I sported a black addidas outfit…baggy track pants and tshirt. I looked super gangsta!

  26. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! My worst was the Urkel’s outfit: plaid short, short white shirt with pencil protector & a stupid bow tie begging to be beaten up. The shoes were leftover too big brown shoes with mismatched white socks. Ewww… . It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. :( Starving artist here desperately needs the air miles & gift cert. to shop, to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.

  27. I loved my white brand new shoes with jeans and a smart set knitted button down shirt in grade 7

  28. In grade 11 I had died my very long hair blue black was wearing super red lipstick, dark eye makeup, fishnets, 10 hole doc martens, red and white polka dot shorts and some very long chain earings with a steel ball at the end…very hazardous to run wearing those babies!! I thought I looked so cool :)

  29. Definitely the year I wore an oversized Bryan Adams T shirt with way too short cut off jean shorts (especially short considering my less than slim frame as a child!). Oh the 80s!!

  30. Gray cords, blue velour shirt with a giant flower and blue suede shoes. I looked horrible!

  31. I can’t decide which was worse- the ruffled acidwash mini skirt and neon pink Vuarnet France tshirt (complete with super high ponytail and matching pink scrunchie of course) or the WAY too big Club Monaco sweatshirt and denim bucket hat (flipped up at the front like the beloved tv character, Blossom) :)

  32. I went to a catholic school so it’s the same uniform every year. The only choice is, kilt or pants? I personally didn’t mind much cuz I can wake up the last minute and just put on the uniform without having to decide what to wear!

  33. Was grade school and the 70’s….purple skinny cords, Hush Puppy leather shoes, a plain white button front long-sleeved shirt and my hand-crocheted (thanks Mom!) tri-purple and white poncho with long fringe! Oh yeah! I loved that poncho! Haha!

  34. In Gr 1, many years ago (firmly in the 70’s), I wore brown poly pants with a strawberry print poly shirt with extra large collar and a brown sweater vest. I topped that off with lopsided ponytails and little strawberry clips for my self cut bangs. I thought I was so put together, but I was such a little disaster.

  35. in 3rd grade I got a new pair of yellow sweatpants from Value Village with a picture of a basset hound up one leg. I believe I just wore it once. I learned to blend in after that.

  36. It was Grade 8, my first day of high school. After getting the thumbs up from my mum, I arrived in a striped t-shirt with a navy-blue beret on my head. That, pretty-much, sealed my fate for the next five years.

  37. The summer before grade 6, we went back to school shopping at West Edmonton Mall. I came back with a perfectly matching ensemble from Au Coton featuring lime green and hot pink t-shirts (one to be worn on top of the other), baggy hot pink capri pants, lime green and pink slouch socks (again to be worn together), a hot pink scrunchie and… lime green suspenders. And I’m pretty sure I had a new perm. Yikes.

  38. Worst outfit was when I sported a neon Vuarnet tshirt that was about 3 sizes too big with maroon stirrup pants. Rounding out the look was a brand new super-frizzy perm. My 80s fashion just makes me shudder!

  39. I had TOTALLY forgotten about Au Coton til I saw this. Loved them in high school.

  40. I think the worst was grade 10 when I went to school in a pair of overalls and a pink and purple shirt. I wasn’t one of my better outfits.

  41. i was wearing old navy short denim , bright yellow shirt, looked like one of beach boy

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