plant the seed

Kids are born to garden. From six months old, babies love to pull blades of grass, stick their hands in dirt and press their faces against plants. And on the West Coast, we get to start early so here are a few tips on how to turn their little thumbs green.

hello dolly

The recent advent of Barbie’s 50th birthday had us reflecting on whether or not playing with Barbie gave us unrealistic expectations of womanhood. But that’s a question for another time, right now we’re just glad that our kids have so many great doll options, including the current fave chez nous – Lottie Dolls.

pass the dessert, hold the sugar

In a couple of days, the sugar content in our house will shoot from ‘reasonable’ to ‘code red,’ thanks to the spookiest night of the year and a serious dedication to the art of trick-or-treating. So we’re on the hunt for ways to still enjoy desserts and treats as a family without going into sugar shock. Which is why we were happy to give Shockingly Healthy!™ Brownies and Blondies a try.

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twinkle twinkle

As the days get shorter, we’re faced with the realization that our kids will be coming inside sooner. And jumping on our furniture. And looking for “stuff to do”. So in an effort to keep them outside and discovering the world around them, we’re taking them star gazing!

a belly laugh book for mums

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after having kids, it’s that “wine o’clock” can solve almost any parenting dilemma … or at least make dinner-time shenanigans or toddler meltdowns a little more manageable. Which is why we loved (LOVED) reading Reasons Mommy Drinks, by the funny mummy duo Lyranda Martin Evans and Fiona Stevenson. This hilarious quick-read pairs mummy milestone moments like “The Baby Shower” and “Day Care,” with apt-named beverages like “The Due Date” (mocktail) and “Day Care Defense” (cocktail), alongside a good dose of humour and solidarity.

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ice cream city

With the any-day-now opening of Earnest Ice Cream at 3992 Fraser Street, we’re thinking about sweet and cool things all around town. So this week, we asked our writers and readers to tell us their favourite places to stop for a scoop in Vancouver – because even if the weather turns a bit grey, ice cream never goes out of season.

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