moving on up: part the third-shopping daze

While I’m missing a few steps chronologically with this blog post (never fear, we’ll return shortly to the joys of  compromise, money talk, realtor relations and more), I thought we’d take a bit of a break to talk so I … MORE

moving on up: part the first

I turned 40 last month.  40.  Four-zero.  I am doing surprisingly well at it.  I have decided that rather than 40 being the end of my youth, it is rather the beginning of fabulous.  I have made a 40-bucket list…a … MORE

jammy dodger

When the bounty of summer is in full swing I’ve always wish I knew how to can things to preserve the summer goodness year-round. I often freeze berries, have attempted raspberry coulis and last year tried, without luck, to make … MORE

two by two

Monday…what a fun day.  I leaped on the scale and discovered, to my surprise, that I had lost two pounds.  Colour me surprised! As I mentioned last week, I knew that my healthy eating efforts were due to be derailed … MORE

high five

Monday is weigh in day. In hindsight, I perhaps should have chosen an alternate day.  Like Garfield, I REALLY hate Mondays.  No sleeping in, something ALWAYS goes wrong…generally involving poop…and I never have a good hair day. However this Monday, … MORE

weight for it

When the new year dawns, I always get newly inspired.  New beginnings, new start, new year. One of my goals (I shy away from the term resolution because I swear resolutions never work…so we’ll stick with goal) is to be fab by … MORE

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