mamas rock: leeann froese

It’s back! Our Mamas Rock feature has been on hiatus for awhile but we wanted to revive because…well…mamas really do rock and we meet so many great ones as we go about our days that we wanted to introduce them … MORE

all hail the mighty chick pea: foodie friday

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but its been awhile since I have posted about my adventures in the wonderful world of wellness (wow…thats a lot of w’s).  I think its because I’ve been a bit disappointed in myself and the plateau … MORE

under construction

I am about to write a post about weight loss.  But it’s not the post you expect.  I am not on a diet, and I am not trying to be thin. When I rounded and softened while carrying my children … MORE

two by two

Monday…what a fun day.  I leaped on the scale and discovered, to my surprise, that I had lost two pounds.  Colour me surprised! As I mentioned last week, I knew that my healthy eating efforts were due to be derailed … MORE

high five

Monday is weigh in day. In hindsight, I perhaps should have chosen an alternate day.  Like Garfield, I REALLY hate Mondays.  No sleeping in, something ALWAYS goes wrong…generally involving poop…and I never have a good hair day. However this Monday, … MORE

weight for it

When the new year dawns, I always get newly inspired.  New beginnings, new start, new year. One of my goals (I shy away from the term resolution because I swear resolutions never work…so we’ll stick with goal) is to be fab by … MORE

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