i've got my gumboots on…

Gumdrops on 4th Avenue, our favourite spot to stock up on raingear for the whole family (including the dog and the laptop) now offers online shopping. When we wrote about them in November of 2007 they had a website but … MORE

mother, mother

Later this afternooon I’m going to a tea party to meet Peggy O’Mara, the editor of Mothering Magazine. Not only will Peggy O’Mara be there, but lots of local entrepreneurial mamas, so I think it’s going to be  fascinating event. … MORE

just keep swimming

We’ve been asked a few times for a review of all the pools around town from mums trying to weigh their various water options. But even if we divvied up the list and the three of us went around town … MORE

my son has just thrown up on the keyboard

“Uugh, geez…. Sorry, I have to go… My son has just thrown up on my keyboard.” “Oh! Oh no, I hope he’s okay! Right, I’ll speak to you soon.” And thus ended my telephone conversation with a local mum who … MORE

how to talk?

So when we wrote about the How to Talk So Kids Will Listen &  Listen So Kids Will Talk springing up around town registration hadn’t opened for all the classes yet and instructor Sara Sjerven didn’t have her site up … MORE

is there anything twitter can't do?

Twitter is much like a tidal wave, rolling through the sea and picking up anyone in its path. But until it hits the shore, I can’t help but feel a bit like a ‘twittervangelist’, wanting to spread the good word. … MORE

win a house! just a little one…

Want to win this fun cardboard house? Jen & Michael, the new owners of Hip Baby on 4th Avenue, are raffling off this house which will double as an art project when your kids see the blank white cardboard just … MORE

advice from the trenches

Having boys aged nine and ten, it’s been some time since I experienced the joys and challenges of being pregnant.  So when we launched our Facebook contest this month, asking readers to share their pregnancy advice, I was unsure what … MORE

mums are all atwitter

Sue Sinclair from Raspberry Kids and I have been invited to talk about mums and social media – from an experienced but not “expert” point of view – on May 29th at momcafé. While I’m not a fan of public … MORE


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