rock your image

You are a smart entrepreneur.  You have done your research, and carefully chosen where to spend your advertising dollars.  You want targeted exposure, a responsive audience, and the ever important goal: branding. You have lost sleep over what specials you … MORE

post-festival perhaps, but not post-beauty

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival wrapped up a week ago, but there are still blossoms a-plenty on our streets.  With a colder than usual winter, the blossoms bloomed later than expected, but that also means we get to enjoy them … MORE

the bestest colouring book ever?

“This monster is very hungry. He could eat a scribble or two, or three…” It’s not unusual for my three year old to find crafty ways to delay going to bed. But I was taken aback last night, at 10:30pm.  … MORE

the pj wave: a photo diary

Last Friday a bunch of intrepid mamas with their pajama-clad offspring gathered near the Jericho Sailing Centre to film our entry in the Chip’s Not Dead Year Memorial Mile in hopes of winning a Corporate Wave. We teamed up with … MORE

a time out was required

I’ll admit it, when I hear the words ‘time out’ I envision a scene including a child screaming uncontrollably, or having just hit another child, or climbing the walls, a frazzled parent, and a gaggle of embarrassed onlookers.   Not a … MORE

super savings, some of them green

So I’ve had so many emails about great Earth Day sales (and some other doozies too!)  in the past few weeks that I wanted to share them with you here. There’s got to be something green about saving money right? … MORE

happy earth day

The following is a conversation that occurred between me and my 3 year old this morning: “It’s Earth Day!” “BIRTHDAY!!??” “No, EARTH Day!” “birthDAY?” “NO, it’s EARTH DAY!” “Oh. Is that kinda like Earth’s birthday?” “Hmm, kinda.” So happy Earth … MORE

do the wave!

We’re excited to have teamed up with 24 Hours to enter in Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile Video Contest because we want to sponsor a wave. Why? Well Chip’s Not Dead Yet benefits BC Children’s Hospital and is all … MORE

i've got my gumboots on…

Gumdrops on 4th Avenue, our favourite spot to stock up on raingear for the whole family (including the dog and the laptop) now offers online shopping. When we wrote about them in November of 2007 they had a website but … MORE


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