music for the masses

Any parent who has had Baby Beluga (or worse) stuck in their mind for weeks at a time will appreciate good music that both kids AND parents can enjoy. And this is important. When my eldest finds something she likes, … MORE

family flick tips

Do you find your kid vids don’t always turn out the way you envisioned? We asked Greg Thorpe of MonkeyRed Designs – a designer with a background in TV production – for some tips on getting the most from your … MORE

popularity contest

I was walking my five-year-old home from kindergarten one day when she mournfully told me, “No one ever plays with me at recess.” Well, my heart sunk, after all, who wants their child to be the odd man out in … MORE

armor clad

When I wrote about summer must-haves a few weeks ago the list included Herbal Armor’s Kids Insect Repellent and I noted that while I’d put it to the test, the bugs weren’t abounding as yet, so I couldn’t speak to … MORE

are you addicted to plastic?

When Alexandra Anglin-Shields from Puddlegear tweeted that she was about to watch the documentary Addicted to Plastic which screened at the Vancouver Film Fest last fall, I asked her if she’d guest blog a review of it for us. A … MORE

little things

My mum used to say “tiny things for tiny minds”, but I tend to disagree with her. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make me happy and I like to think my mind isn’t tiny. I was at Portobello West … MORE

introducing a new baby to the family

Nothing can quite prepare you for having a baby. Even though you’ve had plenty of time to think about it, read about it, the arrival of a new baby can be a big shock. So imagine the shock to your … MORE

remembering sarah marshall

I’m happy to announce that we’ve found our new Director of Sales. Sarah Marshall has just joined our team, she’s an experienced sales professional who’s excited to be turning her hand to the online market with and, and … MORE

rainbow pride

Miss M took to her Calafant tree house immediately, you can see from this rainbow of colours just how customizable the treehouse actually is. And how little like a tree house hers actually looks compared to their sample pix, but … MORE


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