teacher, teacher, will you teach me

Now that M’s in elementary school we’ve had to add teacher gifts to the list we keep checking twice. Last year I found a great reusable organic canvas bag printed with a big apple on the front which I thought … MORE

Live and Learn: The Family Christmas

The Family Christmas Recently I was watching The Santa Clause movie with my 23 year old daughter and she asked me why did I like all those corny Christmas movies and insist that we all watch them together as a … MORE

the power of the box

We recently had a large parcel delivered in a large, square box. And I was reminded anew about how a box is possibly one of the best toys a kid can have.  In the few days since it arrived the … MORE

review: ice escapades

There are a few magical things I remember about Christmas when I was little. One was going to the Nutcracker Ballet and the other was the Ice Capades, even though I’m a bit fuzzy on whether or not the Ice … MORE

pass it on

Baby’s Best Chance, a handbook of pregnancy and baby care published by the provincial government is now officially out of print. And as any mama who’s found this book helpful knows, it’s a great resource and unfortunate the funding for … MORE

moms against climate change

Have you heard about Mom’s Against Climate Change yet? This joint initiative from Environmental Defence and ForestEthics. It’s been on my radar for the last little while, but I haven’t had time to do more than upload my children’s photos … MORE

Live and Learn: Bedtime

Bedtime  Until my second child was born, bedtime and naps were never an issue. My eldest Danielle had slept 10-12 hours a night and still took a nap at 5 yrs old. Naturally I assumed that I would be blessed … MORE


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