family-friendly fun at mineral exploration discovery day in vancouver

You know when your kiddo asks one of those questions that you just can’t answer? Like, what is the iPad made of? How is gold made? Or, what kind of rock is this? Well, now you can get the answers to those questions and more, at The Association for Mineral Exploration’s Discovery Day on January 21st. It’s going to be a fun-filled day, full of awesome hands-on mineral exhibits, real geologists to talk to, and more! You and your family will get the chance to learn all about the journey from minerals to consumer goods, and the importance of mineral exploration in BC at this free interactive event.

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There are a ton of great activities you can take part in at Discovery Day. Here are just a few we’re looking forward to:

  • Gold panning with Yukon Dan: Yukon Dan will be drawing for a sought-after private gold panning session for a family of five where he will teach the art of competitive gold panning.
  • “Stump a Geologist”: Bring your favourite rock and one of their geologists will help identify what it is and where it came from.
  • Ice Age Fossils: Everything you need to know about Ice Age Fossils at the Yukon Government’s Ice Age Fossil Display.
  • Life of a Miner: An exploration camp set-up, including a tent and work area.
  • Minerals on Display: Mining for Minerals’ display on minerals in the medical field with their iconic mascot Buddy the Miner.
  • Prizes: An Instagram photo contest will give you the opportunity to win exclusive prizes!


AME’s Discovery Day
Sunday, January 21st, 10 am – 2 pm, Vancouver Convention Centre West, 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, Cost: Free!
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About The Association for Mineral Exploration (AME): AME is the lead association for the mineral exploration and development industry based in British Columbia. Established in 1912, AME represents, advocates, protects, and promotes the interests of thousands of members who are engaged in mineral exploration and development in B.C. and throughout the world. AME encourages a safe, economically strong, and environmentally responsible industry by providing clear initiatives, policies, events, and tools to support its membership.

Presented by The Association for Mineral Exploration

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