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‘Tis the season for new books! We’ve got a great collection of books all about Christmas and the holiday season, books about winter and winter sports, and some other great books that are new on store shelves that would make great gifts for the avid readers in your family! Thanks to Indigo, Owlkids, and Raincoast Books for sending these over.


Holiday-Themed Books

The 12 Sleighs of Christmas
If you are familiar with Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site then you will recognize the great rhyming style of Sherri Duskey Rinker. This Christmas story tells a tale of Santa’s sleigh in terrible disrepair. Read along as the elves each come up with a fabulous new idea for Santa’s sleigh. Which one will Old Saint Nick choose?

The Night Before Christmas: The Classic Edition
It’s not Christmas Eve until we read The Night Before Christmas as a family! This version of the story has beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Charles Santore.

A World of Cookies for Santa
Learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world from Christmas Island to Hawaii. Did you know that kids in each country leave a different type of treat for Santa? Neither did we! Along with the awesome facts of holiday celebrations, you’ll also get delicious cookie recipes so you can try out Mantecaditos from Puerto Rico, or Anzac biscuits from New Zealand.

Winter-Themed Books

Sizing Up Winter
This clever book tells a fun story about creatures in the wintertime, but it’s also all about math and measurements! Count snowflakes, and birds, use a herd of musk oxen to tell time, or guess the days of the week based on a weasel’s fur colour. Fun!

A Loud Winter’s Nap
A silly tale about a tortoise that is just trying to get some sleep and hide from the cold weather. Tortoises don’t like winter, after all! His friends the robin, rabbit, and beaver all try to get him to take part in fun winter activities, but he doesn’t want to join in. Until he takes a nap at the top of a snowy hill on what he thinks is a piece of wood (spoiler: it’s not)! After a fun journey down the hill on a sled, Tortoise decides winter isn’t bad at all!

5-Minute Hockey Stories
A must for any hockey-loving kid and family, 5-Minute Hockey Stories is packed with 12 stories about hockey that can be read in 5 minutes — great for those bedtime story nights that need to be quick! Even better? The stories are all true tales of Canada’s favourite winter sport. Learn all about how goalie masks came to be, learn about the infamous 2010 Golden Goal, and the Lucky Loonie hidden in the ice.

More Great Books for Gift-Giving

Jump, Leap, Count Sheep!
Count Canadian animals as the leap across the page in this awesome new learning book by Geraldo Valério. From dancing Grebes to leaping salmon, your kiddos will love the bright illustrations.

Moose, Gooses, Animals on the Loose!
Another great book by Geraldo Valério, but this time with ABC’s! From the agile Arctic fox to the fuzzy griZZly bear, your kiddo can learn their alphabet and all about Canada’s wildlife — flip to the back couple pages for awesome facts about each of the animals featured!

The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate
The Princess in Black is a series of starter chapter books, full of great illustrations and large print. The Mysterious Playdate is the fifth installment of the series and it follows Princess Magnolia and Princess Sneezewort on a fun princess play date. But then a monster starts trying to eat people’s pets! What will the princesses do? Will the Princess in Black come to save the day? The entire Princess in Black series would make a fabulous gift!

Dog Man #3: A Tale of Two Kitties
If your kids have not had a chance to read Dog Man yet, you are in for a treat! This hilarious story comes from the creative genius behind Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey. It’s a graphic novel series that follows Dog Man, a police officer with a dog head, as he fights crime. This is the 3rd book in the series and our 7-year-old loved it!

Ultimate Slime
If you have a science-experiment obsessed kiddo or one totally into slime, this book would make a great gift! Make crunchy, fluffy, or sparkly slime. Fishbowl slime, confetti slime, and bubbly slime too. Who knew there were so many types of slime? All recipes in the collection are borax free.

Malala’s Magic Pencil
One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. That’s Malala Yousafzai’s message of hope and peace. In this story, she tells about her life and her wish for a magic pencil. At first, she wants the magic pencil to draw a lock on her door to keep her brothers out, or to erase the smell of the trash dump near her home. But as the story continues and her right to attend school is threatened, her ideas of what she would do with a magic pencil changed. She started writing her story; all about the challenges she faced, and people all over the world read her words. That’s when her wishes started to come true. It’s an eye-opening tale of one girl’s wish for a better world.

Innovation Nation
Did you know that Shreddies, Superman, the electric wheelchair, and dump trucks were all invented in Canada? Thanks to Innovation Nation now we do! This awesome book highlights Canadian innovators who made the world, smarter, smaller, kinder, safer, healthier, wealthier, and happier!

Yo, mama! Looking for a great place to read those new books? Check out our list of 5 awesome places to read a book in Metro Vancouver. Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the ultimate gift ideas!

By: Michelle Hughes

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