give the gift of an unforgettable experience this holiday season

Gift giving has changed over the years. More and more families are looking for ways to spend time together and to create lasting memories, rather than just adding to the never-ending pile of ‘stuff’ in their houses. Which is why, this holiday season, we are looking to Breakaway Experiences for unforgettable holiday gifts for our friends and family.


Breakaway Experiences offers certificates for a remarkable variety of unique bucket list experiences across Canada, from luxurious spa packages and gourmet food tours, to more adventurous activities like stock car racing, helicopter flying lessons and sea doo expeditions.

Here is just a small sampling of over 900 amazing excursions you can find on Breakaway Experiences:

Whale Watching Tour, Vancouver, British Columbia
Experience Killer Whales, Humpbacks and Gray Whales, porpoises, seals and more in their natural habitat.

Banff Evening Wildlife Safari, Banff, Alberta
This animal-spotting safari in Banff National Park will lead you at dusk to the hotspots where you are most likely to see Rocky Mountain creatures.


Stock Car Racing Experience, 9 locations across Canada
Slide behind the wheel of a race primed stock car for a high octane, adrenaline-fueled NASCAR style stock car racing experience!

Whistler Backcountry Air Safari, Whistler, British Columbia
See firsthand why Whistler is one of the world’s premiere outdoor destinations. Fly over massive glaciers, sprawling lush forests, Whistler’s iconic extinct volcano, and the turquoise glacial waters of Garibaldi Lake

Guided Rainforest Tour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Discover the spectacular beauty of Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforests. Discover hidden waterfalls, lush rainforest canopies, and rich and colourful tidal pools teaming with diverse sea life.

Superfly Ziplines, Whistler, British Columbia
With cutting-edge technology and SIDE-BY-SIDE Superfly Ziplines, you and a friend can fly through the British Columbia backcountry in a rush of adrenaline, speed, and beauty.


Breakaway Experiences’ hassle-free exchange policy means the gift recipient can simply trade the experience you selected at full value for one more up their alley. Or grab a gift certificate instead, so that special someone can pick the activity of their choice.

For the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime gift, head to While hunting for that perfect gift, you may just find some awesome experiences to add to your wish list!

Presented by: Breakaway Experiences


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