review: good day and good night at the carousel theatre for young people

When daytime arrives, the sun comes out to play with clouds, birds, and flowers. When night arrives, the sun goes away and Mr. Moon emerges with the stars and owls and other night creatures. But what happens when the sun and the moon finally meet? Are they too different to be friends? Good Day and Good Night at the Carousel Theatre for Young People’s BEE Stage explores this unique friendship. The moon teaches the sun about stars and Aurora Borealis and the quiet of the night. The sun shows the moon the brightness of day, the beauty of flowers and how being unique is a good thing.

Good Day and Good Night
Alexandra Lainfiesta and Steven Greenfield. Photo by Faye Campbell 

This delightful play is designed specifically for kids 0 – 3 and their caregivers. In a relaxed, interactive experience, you and your little one can experience the wonder of the theatre up close. Repetitive poetry, movements, and songs capture the little ones attention. Bright and colourful sets and characters round out the show. You can even meet Mr. Moon and Ms. Sun after the performance!

Good Day and Good Night
Ashley Noyes, Steven Greenfield, Alexandra Lainfiesta and CJ McGillivray. Photo by Faye Campbell

Our two year old was completely enthralled by the music and fun characters dancing around in front of her. She’s talked of nothing but the sun and the moon since we saw the show! We love any opportunity to immerse our kids in the arts and we love that the BEE Stage creates these special performances just for 0 – 3-year-olds.

Good Day and Good Night

Do note that during the performance you will be sitting on a mat on the floor. Limited chairs will be available for those who need them.

Good Day and Good Night runs from June 6th – 18th. Purchase tickets online.

The BEE Stage on Granville Island
1411 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

By: Michelle Hughes

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