new books for kids spring 2017

Spring is here and so are awesome new books for kids. These newly released books touch on subjects like sibling relationships, moving house, animal rescue, and learning how to read and write, all with beautiful illustrations told with funny and moving stories. Here are some of our favourite new spring releases.

me tallMe Tall, You Small | by Lilli L’Arronge
This playful picture book is all about being big and little. Sometimes the differences between parent and kid can seem so huge. One has tons of energy while the other likes to sleep a little more. One can kick a ball really far, while the other not so much. Although there may be many differences between parents and kids, everyone loves hugs, cuddles, and kisses! This sweet story is great for kids aged 2 – 5.



upUp! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones | by Susan Hughes
Did you know that babies are carried in all sorts of different ways around the world? You’ll learn all about it in this story. We love that this book doesn’t just have mamas carrying their babies. Daddy’s, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and siblings help carry too! The cute cut-paper collage illustrations will be loved by kids aged 2-5.



phoebePhoebe Sounds It Out | by Julie Zwillich
Phoebe has a tough name to spell. She’s seen her name lots, her mom even stitched it on her backpack. But when her teacher tells her to “sound it out” to spell her name, she can’t figure out why her name starts with a sound Ffff, which is most definitely not the same as the Pppp on her backpack. Did her mom get it wrong? This story is great for kids age 3 – 7 starting to figure out letter sounds.




bill bowerbirdBill Bowerbird and the Unbearable Beak-Ache | by Tyler Clark Burke
Poor Bill Bowerbird has an awful beak-ache. He calls upon his friends to help him out. Stripes from a zebra, honey from an owl, or a carrot cold as ice from a walrus — will any of it work? This funny rhyming books is full of beautiful and quirky illustrations and is great for kids age 3 – 7.



milo and georgieMilo and Georgie | by Bree Galbraith
Moving to a new city can be a pretty scary prospect. That’s what Milo thinks, anyways! He has decided that he will probably never have fun again, so he spends his days staying indoors at his new house. After his little sister, Georgie, bugs him enough times, Milo agrees to let her go outside and ties Georgie to the end of a ball of yarn. But one day the string breaks and Milo has to leave the house to find his sister. Will the town be as awful as Milo thinks it will be? This book is great for kids age 3 – 7 who may be weary about moving.

liamLiam Takes a Stand | by Troy Wilson
Liam has two older brothers, twins Lister and Lester. And they are always competing with each other. They compete so much that they never have any time to play with Liam. That is until Liam decides to beat them at their own game! We love that this book touches on tricky sibling relationships and competition. Liam Takes a Stand is great for any kid age 3 – 7 with a sibling (or two!).





moto and meMoto and Me | by Suzi Eszterhas
This delightful true story follows Moto, an orphaned wildcat, and Suzi Eszterhas, a wildlife photographer. You’ll learn all about how Suzi cared for little 2-week old Moto and helped him grow into a fierce, independent cat on the savanna. Moto and Me is a great book for kids age 7 – 10 who have an interest in animals and nature.





We love a good book and we are so happy to add these new releases to our home library!

By: Michelle Hughes

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