naturally sourced cough medicine for kids

About a year ago, I found myself standing in a nearby pharmacy, searching desperately for a kid-friendly cough syrup to give to my very ill toddler. After poring over the back of bottle after bottle, I asked the pharmacist for assistance and he confirmed that there were no offerings available for children under 6. All I could do was return home and wait for my poor little one to recover. It was a long few days.

HelixiaLuckily for me, when my whole household came down with a horrible hacking cough, this time the folks at Helixia had my back.

Helixia Cough Prospan is Canada’s number one naturally sourced cough medicine. Unlike most traditional cough expectorants, Helixia has but one medicinal ingredient: ivy leaf extract. Also unlike the other candidates, it’s available for children as young as age 1!

When I gave my 4-year-old sickie a dose of Helixia Cough Prospan to help with his cough, he alerted me to another bonus about the medication: its great taste. The product doesn’t contain sucrose or alcohol, and since its natural, the chemical flavour consistent with most cough syrups is noticeably absent. Instead, it tastes similar to honeyed tea. When I took my own dose minutes later, I had to agree with my son that it was actually pretty tasty.

Of course, the biggest draw for Helixia Cough Prospan is that it actually works. It’s been clinically proven to both relieve coughs and loosen that yucky mucous and phlegm. So you can actually feel like you’re doing something to help the next time your little one needs it. Plus, it’s gluten-free, dye-free and non-drowsy.

Helixia Cough Prospan is available for both adults and children and can be found in all pharmacies across Canada.

Presented by Helixia®

Always read and follow the label for any healthcare products given to your child.

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