3 steps to better skin this winter

The winter is no friend to my skin. Every year, the cold weather and excess indoor heat leave my skin feeling dry and irritated. The extra hot showers I take feel great, but zap my skin of its natural oils, leading to oily patches on my face. Beyond not feeling like I look my best, my skin is pretty uncomfortable through most of the winter months.

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I’ve resolved every year to take better care of my skin and it looks like 2017 will finally be the year I stick to that resolution! To start with, I’ve added some yummy food, rich in skin-saving vitamins, to help achieve that natural glow I’m after. I also visited with the knowledgeable Beauty Advisors at Shoppers Drug Mart to get the skinny on my skin and to find out what I can do to combat winter skin woes. Here are three steps to better skin that you can try too.

step one: know your skin

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and this is especially true when it comes to your skin. Understanding the type of skin you have is the first step in battling skin troubles. But how, exactly, do you figure out your skin type and problem areas, beyond product trial and error? I visited a Beauty Boutique at my local Shoppers Drug Mart for a skin analysis, facial and makeover (all complimentary services, by the way).

Me and my beauty advisor, Brooklyn

The Beauty Advisor, Brooklyn, checked my skin using a moisture checker and video microscope. The moisture checker showed my skin to be dehydrated and the video microscope showed patches of oily skin. I was always under the impression that dehydrated skin and dry skin were the same thing, so I was confused that I had dehydrated but oily skin. This isn’t an uncommon experience, explained Brooklyn. Dehydrated skin has to do with moisture and water loss, which is different than having a dry skin type. All skin types can become dehydrated; the trick is knowing how to treat it properly.

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The Beauty Boutique and Dermatology Tools

step two: use the right products

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After giving me a lovely mini express facial, Brooklyn walked me through a myriad of options for how to combat my dehydrated oily skin. We settled on a regimen of micellar water for gentle makeup removal, a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid to help rehydrate my skin, and an eye cream to help with dark circles. She also recommended a product called Nanoblur, which does an amazing job at blurring out fine lines and works with or without makeup. Together we looked at a variety of brands and she helped me narrow down which ones worked for my skin and wallet. It was certainly helpful having Brooklyn help me navigate the giant wall of skincare products.

step three: eat the right food

Great skin doesn’t just come from using the right products. Food can have a big impact on your skin’s health too; so it’s important to pay attention to what you eat to help you maintain that healthy glow all winter long. I like to load up on fruit and veggies, especially ones rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc. These all help towards preventing and repairing skin damage.

One of my favourite ways to get a boost of skin-saving vitamins is in a tasty smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowls, in case you haven’t heard of them, are extra thick smoothies topped with nuts, seeds and fruit and eaten with a spoon rather than a straw. My current favourite is a President’s Choice tropical coconut water smoothie. It’s filled with PC Coconut Water, Greek yogurt, mangos and pineapples. I like to top the bowl with frozen wild Canadian blueberries, hemp hearts and a mixture of seeds and dried fruit. I also like to put some dragon fruit on top since it’s rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

All the smoothie bowl ingredients (including the bowl!) came from my local Real Canadian Superstore. This mama has no time to go to health food stores on top of the regular weekly grocery shop, so I’m happy that I can find everything I need in one spot!


It’s easy to turn any smoothie recipe into a smoothie bowl, simply add extra fruit to the mix or decrease the liquid you place in the blender for a thicker smoothie mixture, then top with flax seeds, hemp hearts or your favourite nuts for extra protein.

Hopefully these tips will help you out with your winter skin woes. Remember to head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart and talk to a Beauty Advisor, your skin will thank you!

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