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Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy art and culture in Vancouver. That’s Hilary Letwin’s mantra, and we wholeheartedly agree! Hilary is the founder of Culture Babes, which she established in 2011 to organize cultural events that are extremely child-friendly, but are ultimately geared at stimulating adults. Hilary is an art historian and academic by training and has worked in museums around the world and she has a knack for putting together amazing experiences for parents and their little ones.


You can saunter through an art gallery, peruse a museum or revel in a ballet performance, all with babe in tow. The best part? You are there with other moms and dads and babies, so when a little one starts to fuss, you aren’t met with glaring gazes, but instead with understanding smiles. Culture Babes will also schedule events so attendees have the venue to themselves. Plus there are often exclusive concerts and lectures, just for new parents and their babies.

Local singer-songwriter, Jill Barber, has been attending Culture Babes tours for a few years. She first discovered them when she was newly pregnant and experiencing all the worries and fears about how parenthood would change her life. She says, “Everyone tells you, ‘go see movies, eat at restaurants and stroll through galleries now, because once you have a baby, things will change.’ Well things have changed, but Culture Babes offered this real glimmer of hope that I could still get out there and experience art and culture.”

Beyond being a great way to experience culture as an adult, it’s an amazing chance to immerse your kids in art from a very young age. Standing in front of a Picasso, or encouraging your little one to dance along with professional ballerinas is not an experience that is easy to craft. Unless, that is, you take part in Culture Babes.

CB 04
photo credit: Hieu La Voce, 2015

Culture Babes’ tours are a must for any new parent looking to get out of the house and into some art and culture – with your baby in tow!

Here are the upcoming Culture Babes events. For more information and to reserve your tickets, visit

Friday, September 23rd, 9:45 am, Vancouver Art Gallery
Tour the Picasso exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. There will be a 45-minute tour, followed by coffee at the VAG café for those who wish. The tour is $30 per adult ($15 for VAG Members) and tots are free.

Friday, October 28th, 10 am, Contemporary Art Gallery
Tour the Guillaume Leblon exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery. There will be a 45-minute tour, followed by coffee at a nearby café for those who wish. The tour costs $15 per adult and tots are free.

Friday, December 9th, 10 am, Burnaby Art Gallery
Tour the Henry Bergman exhibition at the Burnaby Art Gallery. There will be a 45-minute tour, followed by tea and cookies in the BAG’s Fireside Room. The visit costs $10 per adult and tots are free.

Culture Babes

By: Michelle Hughes

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