u pick family adventure at the only goji-berry-farm in canada

Eating local is the ultimate goal when it comes to supporting local agriculture and supplying healthy food for our family. When we found out that ‘eating local’ can include delicious, nutrient-rich and exotic goji berries, we were floored! Gojoy Berries Farm grows Canada’s highest quality goji berries and it’s located right in Aldergrove in the Fraser Valley of BC.

gojoy berries farm

Gojoy offers U Pick opportunities throughout the summer, so you can make a family adventure out of eating local. From now until Labour Day (Monday, September 5th), come and pick fresh goji berries from Wednesdays to Saturdays at the farm. Open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and on Fridays until 8:00 pm.

You can also enjoy the Gojoy Berry Smoothie Booster Bag, a frozen berry purée blend of six 100% BC grown berries, with the delicious goji berry as the star. Perfect for refreshing smoothies this summer!

gojoy smoothies

About Gojoy Berries Farm
When Peter Breederland learned about goji berries and their ‘super-food’ status he was determined to bring them to Canada. He ignored the naysayers telling him that goji berries could not be grown here and found a way to help these delicious, nutrient-rich berries thrive in Canadian soil. Right here in the Fraser Valley!

Visit gojoy.ca for more information on the incredible goji berry.

Sponsored by Gojoy Berries

4 thoughts on “u pick family adventure at the only goji-berry-farm in canada

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  2. Hello.
    I am the recent and happy owner of two new gogi Berry plants. They were purchased at Canadian tire in Victoria. I am curious are you the farmer supplying these plants?

    Kind regards

    Maria Vanderham

  3. Hello Maria,
    Gojoy Berries Inc. did not supply Canadian Tire with their goji berry plants. You can purchase plants that are mature, 6 years old, ready to bear 3-400 berries this year at our farm! See our webpage about our large, beautiful plants and farm store hours: http://gojoy.ca/farm-store/
    Thank you!
    Danise Breederland from Gojoy Berries

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