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Ah summer! Our days are kept busy with our kids at the pool, at the beach, at the park…all over the place! Then, all of a sudden, it’s nearing September and we are running around getting organized for back to school. And mamas, well we may be a little (sun) burnt out! We love our kids and all, but summer allows for a lot of time together and we don’t always prioritize fitting in some relaxing time for ourselves. Well we’re here to change that with a few suggestions for mellowing out that are all about you:

We may be a little obsessed with Saje Nebulizers (Ultrasonic Nebulizer, $89.95). Like so obsessed that we want to diffuse everything! Just add the diffuser blend of your choice to one of these amazing little machines and we can chill out, pump ourselves up or get our happy on. Heck, we can even do all three in one day! And as they also act at air purifiers and humidifiers they multi task, which makes us love them even more, and gives us an excuse to buy even more of their essential oils blends for all our needs. And if there’s any doubt that having our environment smelling better is beneficial to our lives, read this!

Looking to inject a little more zen into our busy lives? We’re still using our Muse Brain-Sensing Headband (Future Shop, $299.99) daily to get our meditation on! The more we read about the benefits of daily meditation the more we’re trying to prioritize it. So fall in love with tech, learn how to meditate, and think Muse!

What about colouring? The grown up colouring trend is sweeping the nation and we love it! But when we wrote about the “must-have” colouring book for adults (Chapters Indigo, $19.90) it sold out almost immediately (though we’re not claiming responsibility for that) but now they’re back in stock and the perfect excuse to get our colour, and our calm, on. They’re also the perfect excuse to set up a playdate with our friends for some colouring and wine or chocolate time, because hanging out with good friends is one of the best stress-busters we know!

Mamas, we play hard and we work hard. Let’s take a little time to de-stress and relax!

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