Sonja Bennett, Emelia Symington Fedy, Jody-Kay Marklew, and Juno Rinaldi
Another mother and I took in Motherload at the Cultch on their opening night this past week. Like yoyomama, which I started to alleviate not feeling connected to the world around me and realizing there was a big club I didn’t know existed til I was pregnant, Producer Emilia Symington Fedy came up with the idea for Motherload as a Mom’s the Word for the next generation where cell phones and the internet have become an integral part of parenting. She wanted to highlight how alone being a new mum can make you feel, talk about the darker side of parenting (maintenance sex, anxiety, feeling adrift anyone?), and also how mums can, and do, support each other.

Along with Jody-Kay Marklew, Juna Rinaldi and Sonja Bennett, Symington Fedy, who you may know from her Trying To Be Good blog, have created a show that is very different from Mom’s the Word but with similar themes and similar light and dark moments. The play shares these women’s stories of motherhood in a shifting series of vignettes. The moments are a mix of funny, incredibly moving – especially when the actresses talk about their relationships with their own mothers, and raw and honest. They did a lot with a minimal set, mixing multimedia into the show in a way that really supported the narrative and had us wondering how autobiographical the show was, we suspect very autobiographical and we’re not sure we would be brave enough to share as much as they did.

While we didn’t find Motherload revelatory we did find it very identifiable if uneven in parts, and we applaud these four women, mothers and actors for sharing their stories about the darker sides of parenting so other mothers can feel a little lighter knowing that they are not alone.

Motherload is playing at the Cultch through February 21st and they have Babes in Arms performances as well as post-show talkback sessions with the actors. Here’s more on showtimes,  tickets etc!

Photo: Sonja Bennett, Emelia Symington Fedy, Jody-Kay Marklew, and Juno Rinaldi in Motherload
Credit: Emily Cooper

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