How to avoid problems ‘down there’ this summer: sponsored


Summer is finally here! Hurrah! Warm weather means lazy beach days, family barbecues, weekends at the cottage, camping, bike rides, road trips, and cool drinks. While humid and hot days make for an excellent summer, they can also lead to, ahem, problems “down there.”

Why does this happen?
The vagina (yes, that’s the name!) contains “good” bacteria, called lactobacilli, which help to maintain its naturally low pH level. However, hot weather is a big factor in the development of vaginal infections as it encourages the growth of “bad” bacteria in the vagina. In other words, say goodbye to a romantic cottage getaway as you might be dealing with an itchy, uncomfortable situation.

Not sure how to keep your lady bits healthy? Here are a few tips to stay fresh and clean as well as the 411 on a new infection screening test called VagiSense®.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Dehydration is a common ailment when the temperature rises. It’s also important to drink lots of water to keep the body’s fluid output properly maintained. Yes, your vagina will thank you.

Stay away from freshening products
It may seem like a quick fix solution to an undesirable odor but it can also lead to a vaginal infection. Although it may seem to mask the smell, it’s best to stay away from scented hygiene products, especially during hot summer months.

Wear easy, breezy, comfortable clothing
Summer usually means short shorts, tiny underwear and of course, tight clothing. Why else would you cram a 30-day bikini body plan in June?

Although tight clothing may reveal your new curves, it certainly does not leave much breathing room. Quite frankly, it creates a cozy, moist environment for bacteria to quickly multiply thanks to your skinny jeans. Try to wear breathable, cotton and looser clothing to keep your lady business happy.

Resist the urge to douche yourself
The vagina is already a self-cleaning oven. It doesn’t need extra help. Douching, the act of rinsing your vagina, can upset its natural balance of bacteria. In fact, it can irritate the labia and encourage a vaginal infection.

Pool party musts
What’s a pool party without wet bathing suits and lying around sipping fruity drinks by the pool with family and friends? This does sound fun but be careful about staying too long in a wet bathing suit. In addition to the warm, sunny rays, you’ve just created a prime moist environment for a potential vaginal infection. The sooner you change out of a wet suit, the better.

If you’ve followed all these tips but you still have a situation “down there”, don’t assume it’s a yeast infection, it may not be what you think. In fact, over 66% of women who self-diagnosed a vaginal yeast infection were wrong! Contrary to popular belief, the most common vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis, not a yeast infection, and must be treated with antibiotics.


vagisenseTo get faster relief, it’s best not to assume or adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. You can easily find the best course of action by using a vaginal infection screening test such as VagiSense®  available on pharmacy shelves, which can help you determine (in 10 seconds!) whether you more likely have a yeast infection or an infection that requires treatment from your doctor.

VagiSense®, the only over-the-counter vaginal infection screening test available in Canada, is now on sale in pharmacies across the country. An important pharmaceutical breakthrough for the advancement of women’s health, VagiSense®is the first step to fast and targeted relief of vaginitis.

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