fresh st. farms makes healthy living a breeze: sponsored


It’s February, which means we’ve started to drift away from our high-minded resolution to increase the family intake of fresh, healthy food. Let’s just say that salty snacks (just a few, really) have crept back into the post-dinner, TV-watching menu.

Thankfully, there’s a new grocery option that makes picking up fresh food and quality treats a breeze. Fresh St Farms located in Surrey’s Fleetwood Village is a local grocer with the look and feel of a farmers’ market. This gorgeous foodie paradise has aisles of gleaming produce, meats, olives (so many shining olives …), bulk foods and even has a curry bar, sandwich bar, and fresh grill (yes, we will stay for lunch). Oh and did we mention coffee? Fresh St. Farms serves deeply delicious coffee from its in-house freshly roasted beans (which it also sells) at the Fresh Cup Roastery Café.

The store captures the feel of a buzzing farmers’ market with a distinctive variety of locally sourced foods and its friendly service connects every day urban fresh food shoppers with local producers ready to spin a yarn or two about life as a grower.

The weekly Fresh Sheet list features just-in items from juicy navel oranges to locally raised fresh whole BC frying chicken
and local Ocean Wise halibut.

Fresh St. Farms carries an incredible variety of local and rare finds such as Canada AAA ANGUS Beef (rated among the top 4 per cent of all beef), hormone-free and BC-raised organic chicken, Ocean Wise seafood and unique cheeses ranging from local artisans to international discoveries.

And for those days when we need a treat (just a small one), they’ve got just the gourmet goodness to satisfy our cravings without sending us into a sugar spiral.  And hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up! Think chocolate covered potato chips; dark chocolate sauce; chocolate truffle hot cocoa mix or a quinoa flax chocolate bar. Okay, we promise to eat our veggies first.

This contest is over. Congratulations for our winner, Abby!

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9 thoughts on “fresh st. farms makes healthy living a breeze: sponsored

  1. love this new grocery store! its right near my inlaws home. great selection and service!

  2. I love their concept and their look and, as a self-admitted, partially addicted foodie, I have no doubt I’d love their wares as well. I want to win! #freshstfarms

  3. I’d love to win a basket of Farm Fresh goodies! In-house roasted coffee beans and chocolate truffle hot cocoa? Yum! #freshstfarms

  4. Their food looks and sounds delicious! I’d love to try chocolate covered potato chips! #freshstfarms

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