moving on up-part the eighth-jumping in

It took two weekends of intense shopping, too many open houses, random appointments going into strangers homes (seriously…I find it really awkward…especially when they sit outside waiting for you to traipse through their living room), second and third looks and other exciting things…we did it.

We bought a place.  You are looking at a picture of the kitchen.  Look at that fridge.  Isn’t it pretty?

We’re moving on up to the Royal City…BC’s first capital…Queen Victoria’s favourite… New Westminster! We’ll be right in the Quay itself (well not right in it…that would be really wet….near it shall we say)..mere steps away from one of my favourite places in the Lower Mainland, The River Market at Westminster Quay.  Mmmm…yummy foodie heaven.

We moved fast.  From first look to first (and only it turns out) offer took two weeks.

Two weeks?!  Who does this in two weeks?  Apparently my husband and I…

Even the offer process was fast.  We offered…he counter offered…we counter counter offered and one hour later….he said yes.


Even faster…we’re moving in in less than a month.

Less than a month!  Who does that????

We removed subjects in just over ten days and during that time poured over years of minutes, stalked strata members, pulled in every favour imaginable to get friends to read said strata minutes and tell us what they meant and went through a very thorough inspection by a really nice fellow (with little kids of his own, so he looked out for kid specific hazards).  We begged the owner to do handy mannish things on our place (he’s a handy fellow…hubby and I less so), read the minutes some more and asked even more questions and then after agonizing, wanting to throw up, and fearing writing large cheques…we did it.

We bought a place.

I have a lot to say about that process…and a lot to say about how important an engaged Realtor is in that process…and how important asking question is in that process….and how important having an understanding spouse and strong relationship is in that process.

But right now..I just want to squeal.

Because I am a homeowner.  I have grown up.

We. Own.

Something larger than a car, cat or TV is ours.

That’s one big thing checked off the ‘year of forty’ bucket list.  The next few include doing triathlon, getting back on stage and film and getting a book deal (gotta dream big right?)…but this one.  This one is for my family.


Well…and the bank’s.

But where it matters…ours.


6 thoughts on “moving on up-part the eighth-jumping in

  1. BIG HUGE CONGRATS!! I am so pleased for you Erin. What an exciting journey you’ve been on. And it will continue.

    P.S. We’ve bought houses in less time than 2 weeks. From 1st look to accepted offer and lifted conditions: 4 days (including inspection).

  2. Congrats, congrats, congrats. I like your fridge. I think buying a house is one of the scariest things ever. I felt totally sick to my stomach! Are you serious about the triathlon?

  3. Yay, congrats! Sounds to me like you took your time! Our first house was the 1st one we saw, and we offered that night and moved in 14 days later…. too fast! So much to get organized with the bank and 2 weeks barely did it!

    Enjoy having something of your own!


  4. @Nikki…yup, totally serious. I need to get over my fear of the run…I cannot appropriately communicate how much I hate running…maybe you can help me with that?

    It’s still seemed fast…and I’ve already forgotten what the place looks like inside…but I can’t wait to move in. So much to do before that happens…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  5. Congratulations on you new home Erin.

    My wife and I bought our house even faster than that. We got a real estate agent on a Thursday, looked at houses with her on Friday and made an accepted offer on Saturday.

    Of course we had been looking at open houses by ourselves for a while so we had a sense of what was on the market and what prices and neighbourhoods were like, so when we found the right fit it was easy to make a snap decision.

    I would also say that the real estate agent was very helpful to us as buyers. Even though she didn’t put much time into us (because we decided so quickly) she gave us some key advice on price which saved us about $20,000.

  6. Hi Blair,

    Maureen was really key for us when it came to pricing etc. We had no idea what to ask for…how ‘low’ to go and what our now new home was really worth. She saved us about the same amount.

    Three days…wow…that IS super fast!

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