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More on the mural above momentarily as we’re letting the pictures tell most of the stories of these two bedroom redesigns and we wanted to start by catching your eye! Emma Thompson from DreamWallDesigns, who has two boys, was happy to have a chance to let her girly side shine through. And shine it did!

First L’s room (or as we call it a vision of purple). Both girls picked the paint colour for their rooms before Emma came into the picture:

Emma took this brown dresser with ugly knobs and painted it, changed the knobs and hand painted on some lovely detail.

This desk was also refinished. My mum found it in an alley years ago and painted it blue. Emma gave it the same treatment as the dresser.

Here's a little close up of the detail Emma added to the desk.

This is the pièce de résistance of L's room. Each fairy looks like one of the girls.

Mural detail.

A little more mural detail.

Now M’s room. Which she wanted painted blue so she could “feel like I live in the sky.”:

Because M chose not to have a mural Emma wanted to do something else to personalize her room more.

M wants to be an artist (this month) so Emma collected frames to display some of her work.

We're good at the big picture but not accessorizing. Luckily Emma jumped in and refinished the chair seat and added some little touches.

Here's the final result of M's room. The French provincial furniture set was one of Emma's craigslist finds.

One thought on “dreamy walls

  1. Utterly enchanting. I’m inspired and jealous – not even just a little bit.

    I’ve had a look at the Dream Wall Designs website as well. Emma is truly gifted.

    What lucky little princesses you have :-)

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