A recent article on Mashable confirmed what I’ve heard anecdotally so many times: what you do online can have very real impacts in the offline world.  It’s been shown that more than 90 percent of recruiters have made hiring decisions based on how the applicant presents themselves through social media.

This got me thinking: how does how we as parents present our children online effect their futures?  Certainly recruiters won’t be looking that far back in history, but what about peers?  If I post a blog post about how my 3 year old is having potty training issues, will that come back to haunt him when he’s 13 and wading into the online social world?

My solution to this problem has been to post very little about raising a child with high functioning Autism online.  My son is 12, already delving into the online world, and (im)patiently waiting to turn 13 so he can have a Facebook account.  I don’t want to give anyone any tools to use against him in the future.

As I continue to explore Tyze, one of the things that really struck me was the privacy.  Once I login, I can post stories and photos, and lay out the raw honest truth about what is happening in our family, the good and the bad, without worrying about who might see it in the future.  Everything I post is locked down private, available only to invited members of my network.  There is even another level of privacy within the network called the vault, where I can put super private things that I only want select team members to see.

It’s quite refreshing to be able to be honest without worrying about future consequences.  In doing so, I feel much less isolated and alone.

But don’t take my word for it, try Tyze for free for 30 days, and see for yourself.

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