halloween snack idea: funny franken-kiwis

Gather chocolate chips, sprinkles, pretzel sticks and marshmallows to make some silly or spooky Franken-kiwis. This is a really fun one to make with your kiddos. Once the kiwis have been peeled, let your kids go to town with the … MORE

halloween snack idea: snack-o-lanterns

These silly little jack-o-lanterns are made using pre-packaged mandarin orange segments in cups. Simply draw funny jack-o-lantern faces with a permanent black marker on the transparent top or on the side. This is a great snack option for school if … MORE

halloween snack idea: spooky strawberries

A little smear of chocolate and some white frosting teeth and these strawberries will appear to be howling. Use them as cupcake toppers or as a tasty and (mostly) healthy snack on their own! Ingredients Strawberries Chocolate chips, melted White … MORE

halloween snack idea: cheesy breadstick bones

Crunchy and cheesy breadsticks dipped in yummy marinara sauce are always a hit with our kiddos. Make them perfect for Halloween by shaping the breadsticks into bones! Makes: 12 breadsticks Ingredients 1 pound pizza dough 6 Tbsp melted butter 1 … MORE

halloween snack idea: boonanas

This is such a simple snack, but it looks really great when all the bananas are standing together on a plate! Makes 12 ghosts Ingredients: 6 bananas 32 chocolate chips Directions: Peel the bananas and slice in half. Place three … MORE

halloween snack idea: zombie fingers

Who knew cheese strings and peppers could be so spooky. These zombie fingers are simple to make and kids always get a kick out of the creepy disembodied fingers! Makes: 12 zombie fingers Ingredients: 6 mozzarella cheese strings 1 – … MORE

oat the door in record time

Wake up. Usher sluggish kids into the kitchen. Put a bowl of something in front of them and repeat at closing intervals, “eat breakfast … eat breakfast, EAT BREAKFAST”! Abandon breakfast. Acquiesce to superhero costume as school attire and scramble … MORE


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