less bounce for your buck

Let’s talk about bras ladies. More specifically sports bras. If you’re like me, finding the right sports bra is akin to Indiana Jones looking for the Holy Grail. I am an active woman (I play football and take trampoline classes) … MORE

boston pizza is my valentine

When it comes to meals for special occasions we tend to go the pizza route more often than not. And why not? Pizza is revered in our household. It’s a meal that makes even the pickiest of eaters jump for … MORE

cookie decorating hacks

We love whipping up a batch of decorated cookies; they are a great way to add festive fun to Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and Valentine’s Day! What we don’t love? When decorating techniques require a trip out to a specialty store … MORE

modern comfort food recipes

We love comfort food! Warm, soothing, and well, comforting dishes that make your soul smile. That is exactly what we want this time of year. And we also love food with a twist, it makes regular old ho-hum dishes exciting and … MORE

even yogurt is better with pumpkin

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of doing a tour with Olympic Yogurt and learning the ins and outs of yogurt production. At that time, they revealed to us that they were working on a pumpkin spice Krema yogurt … MORE


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