fantastic food

One of the things we think a lot about as mums is the food we feed our kiddos. From health, to taste, to the ability to get it into their bellies, it occupies a lot of brain space and time (hello, school lunches?). So we were excited to drop in on one of Marni Wasserman’s classes for inspiration on making delicious and nutritious food for the breakfast table.

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green body, green mind

Earth Day may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can – or should – stop thinking about being green. We’re big fans of taking small green steps that, over time, make a big difference. Last week we tackled greener cleaning and supporting a healthy environment year round. Today we’re talking about what’s going on to (and therefore into) your body, thanks to Adria Vasil’s newest book – Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-friendly Guide To Living Healthy And Looking Good. MORE

clean up

Do you have a relationship that just isn’t working out…with your (toxic) household cleaners? We understand. Which is why we’d like to introduce you to a friend who will help you shake that shaky relationship. David Suzuki’s Foundation’s Queen of Green has issued a Spring Breakup Challenge, which is essentially a four-step program to send those toxic twerps packing – for good.

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egg hunting

We’re equally opportunity when it comes to Easter eggs. We like chocolate ones (natch!), fill-your-own reusable eggs and we never forgo the tradition of dying real eggs, which is why we’ve been hopping around town on an extensive egg hunt in preparation for Easter to discover some eggsellent (sorry we couldn’t resist) options: MORE

grow grow urban

With the first day of spring this week, our thoughts have turned to gardening. It’s the time of year where our great ambitions for our community garden plot are unsullied by the realities of blight, seeds that don’t sprout, and our bad watering habits. The only problem with the garden plot is that the kids can’t check in on their own crops whenever they fancy, so this year we were grateful for the suggestion of container gardens on the deck that they can tend at their pleasure. MORE

snug as a bug

We love sleeping. It’s a good thing. So anything we can do to help our little ones have better sleep makes us positively delighted. There is certainly a glut of sleep stuff out there, so we thought we’d pass on three of our favourites that are cozy, comfy, and will help keep your little one sleeping soundly. MORE


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