your fleet awaits you

Do you ever find yourself living out an advertising copywriter’s dream? Here’s ours: We had just checked in our Car2Go after heading downtown for a rare date night. Coming towards us across the parking lot was a friend and her colleague, both hoping to get home in time to put their kids to bed after a daylong conference. We headed off to the ballet and they hopped in the car we’d just vacated for a quick trip home.

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beachy getaway

If Tigh-Na-Mara was just an amazing stretch of beach with the warmest ocean swimming in Canada it would be pretty darn great. But add to the beach a rustic, yet luxurious resort and you’ve got a special summer getaway mere hours from the city (took us three hours door to door, including the ferry!).

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pajama party

While we may not see eye to eye on everything (or some days, anything…), we definitely agree with our kiddos that (if possible) pajamas should stay on until at least Noon. So we’re in love with our latest find: Playjamas – pjs that are comfy cozy by night, and play ready by day.

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good to be green

This collection of green finds has nothing in common, other than each item is great, green and comes from a Canadian company…which is the kind of common ground we can get behind! MORE

tiny fine dining

Taking your little one downtown to enjoy a meal together? Don’t be daunted: yoyomama has reviewed the best products to help your kid get their gourmet groove on while you relax at your favourite restaurant. MORE

skin deep

Here at yoyomama we’re always on the lookout for products that protect and nourish our wee one’s skin (and our own, for that matter) – without using harsh chemicals or fragrances. So we’re happy to share out latest find: Matter Company.

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baby bounty

One of the things we’ve always found so shocking about babies is the amount of stuff they come with. For someone so small, they sure have a lot of gear! Here at yoyomama, we test a lot of baby stuff, so we’ve picked a few products that stood out from the pack. MORE

let the sun shine down

First of all (to be clear), we’re not complaining: We know Canadians have a curious relationship with the weather, always yearning for the next season rather than lovin’ the one we’re with. But let’s just say it: we love hot sunny summers (and we’re hoping for one this year!). However, we still have vivid memories of sunburn and sunstroke as kids and we don’t want to go there again, so our motto these days is ‘be prepared’. MORE


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