cordially yours

We’ve decided to officially name this the summer of cordials. More specifically, handcrafted, fruit, and botanical cordials focused on fresh, whole ingredients locally-sourced whenever possible from Whistler-based frostbites.

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sunny side up

Whether you’ve been enjoying the sunshine or feeling a little, um, overcast, it’s important to protect your skin from overexposure to UV rays … even on the greyest of summer days. But if UV protection conjures up memories of greasy, stinky sunscreen (and squirming toddlers), it’s time to update your sun safety arsenal. Here are three products that’ll make getting outside with your kids a snap this summer. MORE

garbage with a cherry on top

When the city rolled out their spring garbage schedule by increasing green bins to weekly pick-ups and garbage bins to every other week, we were amongst the first folks on the new system. We quickly noticed that with our green bins doing serious overtime (especially now that Vancouverites can dispose of their food scraps) our bins were getting rather pongy and distinctly grungy. Which is where VIP Bin Cleaning came in.

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showered with love

Everyone we know seems to be having a baby shower this summer, with a toddler or preschooler in tow. Our biggest takeaway from this? If you’re headed to a baby shower for baby #2, don’t forget to bring a little something for baby #1. Which means stocking up on a few items so everyone’s feeling the love. MORE

spring greening

In honour of Earth Month we’ve been thinking green all throughout April – with earth-friendly reads, tips for planting with your tots and more, and now we’re tackling the bathroom! No, not green cleaning, but great green products to make your family’s time in the bathroom doing their thing (whatever that may be!) more sustainable. MORE

an art full of love

Maybe it’s the pretty cherry blossoms drifting across the street or the dramatic storm clouds, but there’s something about springtime in Vancouver that makes us want to paint (and glue, and color, and sculpt) beautiful things. But, like a lot of things in our spendy city, it can be hard to find a place for little ones to encounter the arts without paying through the nose, or registering ages in advance. Which is why we’re so glad that ArtStarts, a local non-profit, supports arts in schools and offers neat (and free!) workshops for the public as well. They’re one of the non-profits behind BC Arts and Culture Week (April 21st – 27th), and to celebrate, this Saturday they’re offering three ways you can indulge your little one’s artistic side … without paying a cent.

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earth day, every day

Earth Day 2013 may have come and gone, but here at yoyomama we believe going (more) green can, and should, be a daily endeavor. So to celebrate this amazing planet of ours, we’re sharing some of our favourite eco-friendly, local and sustainable businesses and services, which can be enjoyed year round!

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apps in the city

We feel like we already rely on smart phones for most of our sanity moments (without our map function we’d be, um, lost), but until we discovered civic apps, we didn’t appreciate how much better our phones could make city life. If you’re sick of sprinting to beat the recycling truck because you lost your printed schedule, or you find you’re always returning library books late, or you can never find the right ATM when you need one, we understand … and this one’s for you. So this Earth Month, get ready to love your more sustainable life with these three civic apps designed to make the city a friendlier place, and your life a whole lot easier.

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delicious deliveries

One of the best pieces of advice we received pre-baby was to fill our freezer with quick-grab, healthy, and easy meals and snacks. But you know what would have been even better? A stocked fridge thanks to Green Zebra Kitchen: a meal delivery service in T.O. that brings vegetarian meals right to your door, every week.

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green reads

Spring is here and Earth Day is coming, so don’t let blustery weather get you down – it’s the perfect time to curl up with our round-up of books that celebrate living sustainably and loving the great outdoors. Let a little sunshine into the grayest afternoon with these friendly stories. MORE


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