Rock me

Is it only us for whom the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is a new find? Sure we’ve eyed their set up in the space previously occupied by the original Bread Garden in Kits, but who knew about their great kid’s play area, kid’s menu that offers simple versions of the menu favourites and their family nights. Hopefully not everyone but us, because we think this is a find worth sharing. MORE

Worn again

Buying consignment clothes for your kids isn’t just good for your pocketbook, it’s good for the environment as well. You’re not only reducing your spending but you’re reusing and recycling. It’s also a great way to guarantee your child won’t be wearing the same outfit as all their playmates – instead you’ll set them up as a vintage trendsetter. MORE

To market, to market

Today is the first day of the weekly Wednesday Riley Park Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s markets are great places to stock up on everything from local produce to baked goods to cheese and dairy. They’re also an entertaining way to introduce your kids to the fact that food doesn’t originate at the grocery store. MORE

Gettin’ Siggy wit it

Bottled water’s being attacked for its less-than-green properties and while we’re up for drinking filtered tap water we really do need an easy — and dry — way to tote it around when we’ve got our tots in tow. Enter Sigg bottles from Switzerland! They’re unbreakable, leak-proof and if and when they require replacement they’re fully recyclable. Plus they look cool. MORE


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