sustainable supplies

We’re big Me to We fans here at yoyo HQ. We love how they use social enterprise to help us make better choices for a better world. Their newest winner of a collaboration with Staples and ACCO Brands – just in time for back to school – allows kids to stock up on school supplies and help children in Latin America, Africa and Asia receive access to education without battling hunger, thirst, disease and financial restraints. MORE

zip into summer

Sunshine and sandcastles and Popsicles and peaches, sprinklers and strawberries and camping on beaches: these are a few of our favourite summertime things. Sunburns did not make the list. MORE

market madness

Each spring (and summer and fall), we love taking the kiddos to one of the many farmers’ markets happening throughout the GTA. We don’t stick to the markets closest to home, but travel to different ones; using it as an opportunity to teach the kids about local farming and sustainable living. If you’re lucky, you may find a new treat that the kids gobble up – like the Tofu Deli Slices we found at the Sorauren Farmers’ Market.

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dream clean

May is all about mamas, and if there’s one thing we abhor it’s cleaning the house … and all the toxic chemicals that go with it. Our dislike is almost equal to that of the grime and grease build-up (not … MORE

earthy rituals

Family traditions are a big thing in our house. From the annual garage clear out to the end of the year homework purge, we love rituals. So each April (in celebration of Earth Month), our kids eagerly await taking our “earth vow” (that’s parent talk for changing a bad habit into a good one).

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get your greens

We’re always on the lookout for ways to get more dark leafy greens into our family. We’ve made kale pesto, spinach smoothies, green juice, and we’ve massaged the truth, telling our kids that greens will give them strong muscles, but we’ve never applied broccoli topically – until now. MORE

plant the seed

Kids are born to garden. From six months old, babies love to pull blades of grass, stick their hands in dirt and press their faces against plants. And on the West Coast, we get to start early so here are a few tips on how to turn their little thumbs green. MORE

digging the dirt

We all exhaled a collective sigh of relief as the thermometer slowly rose above zero, and entered double-digit territory. Has it really been almost five months of wintery weather? Well, we think it’s time we exchanged snow shovels and boots for trowels and sandals. We’re dreaming of sunlight and warmth streaming onto a budding garden. Whether it is a vine of tomatoes or a patch of roses, spring planting is just around the corner.

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spring cleaning survival guide

We have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning. We love the feeling of a spic and span house, but we hate navigating all the cleaning advice. From where to find recipes for making your own green cleaners, to how to get stains out of practically anything – consider this your guide to spring cleaning without losing your mind. MORE


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