super sunscreens

Every year we test and try some safer (ie. less chemical-laden) sunscreens for our kids and ourselves to keep everyone safe(r) while having fun in the sun. This year’s batch features a few old favourites and some new stars. And here’s a handy sunscreen primer from the Environmental Working Group to get you started off on the right – unburned – foot! Note: we know there’s some controversy around using spray sunscreens on kiddos but we’ve included some sprays we like here as they’re relatively “heavy” rather than misty and you can always spray them onto your hands and then apply them to your little ones that way if you’d rather avoid sprays. And we’ve gone a little long here to fit in all the products we’ve been busy testing with this lovely weather! MORE

farm to table adventures at a local dairy farm

While some of us may have grown up on a farm, our urban living kids do not have the hands on opportunities to interact with their food like we did. We plant in our community garden plot and chat with the farmers at the markets, but we wanted to do more. Thankfully, we got to do a tour of an organic farm and yogurt production facility with Olympic Dairy so we could learn more about their 100% natural dairy products, directly from the horse’…cow’s mouth. MORE

nature connection

The summer is a great time to keep kids connected to nature, whether you’re headed to the beach, the lake, the woods, the park or just your backyard, all that outdoor time is awesome! And we’ve found some great toys that are all about encouraging your kids to explore and connect with nature and the environment – but they’ll just think they’re having fun! MORE

pint-sized gardeners

It’s that time of year when our minds are turning to all the great things we can grow in our gardens (or on our patios, or in containers) with our kids this year. But while we love growing our own our enthusiasm outstrips our knowledge, which is why we turned to Shauna MacKinnon to answer our questions around what, when and why to grow with kids in the Lower Mainland. Shauna is a local food sustainability expert and mum, and she’s all about engaging kids, community groups and companies in her quest to make the world a healthier place through our food choices. She blogs about connecting kids with nature through gardening at We’ve gone a little long today because she had so many great, green, growing ideas! MORE

this mae be love

We know it’s still February but we Love Mae, and we think you may too, especially as we’re in the throes of such lovely, spring-like weather. This gorgeous kids’ line out of Australia, known for its reusable fabric wall stickers and bamboo dinnerware that appeals to kids and their design conscious parents, is now available locally. In fact you may (or should that be mae?) find yourself cadging your little one’s Love Mae decals to personalize your own things. MORE

a peak experience

We’d never put much thought into what made soft serve ice cream soft til we heard that Soft Peaks was opening in Gastown. Soft Peaks whips up (literally) soft serve ice cream using organic milk from Avalon Dairy, has less sugar than most ice cream and only a small percentage of the stabilizers – most of which are organic – that go into conventional soft serve. MORE

fair fishing

If you resolved to eat better this year, why not think more fish and less meat? And if you’re thinking local and sustainable when it comes to seafood, then you’ll definitely want to check out Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery. Just like a CSA, but for fish, this fishtastic business has changed our family’s fish eating habits for the better. MORE

mountain fresh scent

When it comes to personal care products, we’re very conscious of what we put on our bodies as we know it also ends up in our bodies. Except when it comes to deodorants. We’ve tried and tested organic and eco-friendly deodorants to no avail, even with Adria Vasil’s (aka the Ecoholic) guidance. So we’d been sticking with conventional ways of keeping the smell at bay until we fell in love with Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Natural Deodorant. MORE

edible sunshine

Our epic, endless summer, has sadly come to an end, which means it’s time to get back in the kitchen, dust off those heat-producing appliances, and save the summer’s bounty to enjoy all winter. Whether we grew it ourselves, bought it at a farmer’s market, or drove to the country to load up, here are five ways to deal with (and savour) all that deliciousness. MORE


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