more pizza please

If there’s one thing that’s nearly universal to kids’ palate it’s pizza! I know there are several times where I’ve relied on pizza to ensure that my child is in fact consuming something other than air and grass (all kids … MORE

on the MEND: Shannon’s journey

We all know that being active and eating nutritious meals together is essential to our family’s well being, but finding the time amid the chaos of work, appointments, school and commitments can make it seem like an impossible feat. Take … MORE

beating the bugs

School is finally in session in BC, and we’re overjoyed. The kids are hitting the books, meeting up with friends and most importantly, they’re out of the house! (Sorry did we say that out loud?) On the downside, schools can … MORE

back to school!

Here’s hoping the tentative agreement between the government and the teachers works for all and everyone’s back to school on Monday – our kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement! If you’re like us and you’ve been holding off … MORE


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