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litterless lunch solutions

It’s not until you start packing school lunches again that you realize you don’t have enough reusable bags, or the perfect container, or something just the right size for all that stuff that seems so unpackable at seven in the morning. Never fear: we’ve got the must-haves you’re missing, right here.

Preserve Mini Food Storage containers (pictured)
Oh, how we love mini-containers. At just 8 oz, these little guys are the size and shape of a Granny Smith apple, so they’re perfect for yogurt, snacks, leftovers, applesauce, and anything else a little bit drippy you want to keep a tight lid on. Made of BPA-free recycled #5 plastic, they’re easy to recycle when they hit the end of their lifespan, but as they’re dishwasher safe and durable, that’s not going to happen for a long time. One caveat: the screw-top lids make them a better choice for bigger kids.


Greenpaxx Slim Snax Popsicle Molds
Greenpaxx Slim Snax Popsicle Molds
We’ll admit it: we stole these from our child one morning so we could bring milk to go with the tea at our business meeting. When these colourful molds passed the “turn-em-upside-down-in-the-handbag-test” (a classic at our house) we knew we were in love. They can be filled with goodies like nuts, fruit, mixed veggies, or even salad dressing, and because they’re slim, you can tuck them almost anywhere. However, we love them most for transporting the classic smoothie – simply fill it with the blended beverage, then freeze and pop it in your little one’s lunchbox. By the Noon bell, the smoothie will be defrosted and ready to enjoy. Just don’t fill the molds up to the brim, as the tops can sometimes take effort to open and you want that smoothie to stay put.

Pottery Barn Mackenzie Lavender Butterfly Lunch Bags

Pottery Barn Mackenzie Lavender Butterfly Lunch Bags
Our tiny tester gave this lunch bag a big thumbs-up. The design on these bags is undeniably cute, and they’re a good size for little ones just beginning to brown-bag by themselves. The molded interior keeps food from getting squished, and the inside pocket is a handy spot for an ice pack. Plus, we liked that the inside lining is eco-friendly and easy to clean. The only downside to a molded interior is that you’ll need to bump up your packing skills (it can be hard to fit lots of plastic containers in there), but on the up-side, your recently purchased popsicle molds (see above) should make that a snap, right?


Yo mama, are you still frustrated by lunch? Let these reads solve your noon-time woes – and don’t forget head to our Pinterest boards for more inspiration:

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