which way? do you know?

If your kids are fans of Luna, Chip and Inkie, better known as the hosts of Knowledge Kids from BC’s Knowledge Network then they’ll be excited to get their hands on Which Way Back?. The first-ever book featuring these three, … MORE

5 reasons your family will love Jamaica

We must confess. The idea of travelling to the Caribbean, with warm ocean breezes and leisurely walks on the beach (umbrella drink in hand…sigh), feels more “couple” than “family” – especially when your five-year-old starts her day before the sun … MORE

email management – argh!

I have a confession to make – one of my inboxes has over 12,000 messages in it. I will never get it under control. It’s a behemoth that has long outpaced me. When people who go about “Inbox Zero” I … MORE


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