cherry season

The worst thing about the summer fruit season for me is feeling like there’s not enough time to eat my fill of all the delicious locally grown fruit before it’s gone. I partially remedied that last year by starting to … MORE

mom and pop business: sponsored

If you’re a parent who runs their own business, you know very well what it’s like to be kept up at night by either of your babies: the one in diapers, and your firm. Speaking from personal experience, in a … MORE

the weighting game: sponsored post

We have a tenuous relationship with weight loss. We’ve struggled with our weight all our life, and those last five to ten pounds always seem to be there, hanging out in places we don’t want them. Like our thighs. (Sigh.) … MORE

BBQ tips from the bro

We’d like to introduce our resident yoyo bro, the eminently capable Darryl Sjerven. He’s a Vancouver-based dad of two and he’ll be popping up here and there in our diary with his tips on everything dad related. So pretty much … MORE

Woohoo! Trekaroo Comes to Calgary!: sponsored

Trekaroo is the largest community of travel savvy moms and dads with the inside scoop on what’s kid-friendly for family travel, now expanding into Canada! Trekaroo’s mission: to inspire and equip parents to explore the world with their kids. Throughout … MORE


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