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stand up paddleboarding vancouver

Looking for a fun, active escape from your worries and cares? How about the latest craze: Standup Paddleboard Bootcamp? SUP Bootcamp is a perfect West Coast blend of water sport and an old-fashioned sweaty workout, and it’s impossible to think of anything (ie. what to make for dinner) other than your next move and the gorgeous view.

Our first Standup Paddleboard experience with Dawn Joseph of SUP Bootcamp was not only a great introduction to paddle boarding, but a deep muscle workout on a glorious evening on the water.

We met Dawn and her crew of paddleboard aficionados at the Windsure beach hut. It’s nestled at the back of the Jericho Sailing Club, which has that California feel right down to the salty lifejackets hanging from the rafters. Dawn, who runs the bootcamps, has a sunny, upbeat personality that puts you instantly at ease while still making you learn and work hard. After all, you aren’t there just to laze around on the water; this is a bootcamp!

Before doing cartwheels on the paddleboard (ok, maybe not cartwheels, but pushups, squats and side planks), we needed to get comfortable just being on our boards. We started out on our knees, but after a bit of instruction from Dawn, we were standing up and pointed in the right direction. Thankfully, the boards are wide and stable. And once we mastered turning (after an embarrassing drift towards shore – and one of us may have fallen in), the rest was pretty straightforward.

The bootcamp portion of the hour-long ‘marine adventure’ consisted of sprints, turning drills, and exercises on the board, along with the added physical challenge of stabilizing. Suffice to say, our muscles (yes, all of them) felt the pain several days later.

But the real magic of the workout is simply being on the water. The evening our yoyo crew was there was a dazzling Vancouver evening with sparkling waters and a shining cityscape in the distance. We capped our evening off with a well-deserved plate of fish and chips and a glass of wine on the Galley Patio and Grill, and soaked in the sunset.

For a truly Zen-like experience, Dawn (who offers month-long weekly classes and  group bookings) said the morning water is like glass. So grab a girlfriend (or two) and head down to the beach for a little water adventure!

SUP Bootcamp Vancouver: www.supbootcampvancouver.com

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By:  Harriet Fancott

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