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smart stroller phil and teds

We’ve got a new favourite ride that we’ve been happily test-driving all over town: it’s sleek, it’s colourful, and it’s sassy. And it’s even converted one stroller-hating yoyodaddy! So, allow us to introduce smart, a compact stroller from phil&teds.

The smart concept is a lot of fun. You customize the stroller as you buy it – the seat and the sun hood (as well as the optional lining) come in a variety of cheerful candy colours. You can go all liquorice black, or choose colours ranging from neutral almond, to candy floss pink, to tangerine orange. The variety makes for a perfect excuse to order a couple of extra hoods, and then switch them according to your outfit or mood. You can also enjoy the colours for years, as the stroller accommodates a newborn with a cot or a car seat, and easily changes from rear-facing to forward-facing.

In many ways, smart is like that other smart vehicle in that it’s excellent at what it’s designed for – quick commuting in the city. The stroller is a snap to fit on the bus even during rush hour, and easy to fold up. It’s not the best option for getting home the groceries (similarly, you wouldn’t take a smart car for a trip to IKEA), but while the basket of the stroller might not be up to bulky loads, it’s just right for towels and swimsuits, a stack of library books, or a small diaper bag and some snacks. Our favourite feature, hands-down, is the smart’s harness, which features a buckle on the shoulder as well as on the waist. That makes it a lot easier to wrestle a squirmy toddler in … or to lift a sleeping one out.

Others have noticed our new ride as well, and many parents around town have been complimenting our “sweet looking” stroller. We’ll continue to wheel our bubblegum blue smart all over the city, and we’re already thinking about taking it farther afield. We also think this buggy would make a perfect travel stroller, although that theory has yet to be tested. Would anyone like to send us to, say, Mexico?

phil&teds smart stroller:

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By: Elina Singh

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