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Filed Under Stuff | May 8, 2013

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

It’s almost Mother’s Day and the weather is perfect for lolling in the grass and reading, so grab a glass of something cool and follow us out to the park: you deserve it! To celebrate all types of mums, we’ve rounded up three books that aren’t your usual sweet Mother’s Day fare. So if you’re the type who smarts a bit whenever people brandish oven mitts and irons on sale for Mother’s Day, these books are for you. We guarantee they’ll give you a thrill or make you laugh, and they sure won’t talk down to you. Because who wants that on Mother’s Day, right? Happy reading!

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran
Caitlin Moran’s memoir is full of shocks and laughs, and serves up a sweetly sharp look at the ridiculous business of being a woman. Full disclosure: we initially picked up this book thinking it would be a frothy read for our mother-in-law, but after a few frank pages we were, a) really glad we hadn’t given it to our mother-in-law, and, b) we couldn’t put it down. Moran is unafraid to talk about everything: feminism, dating, labour, men, Brazilian waxing, marriage, abortions; and just when she’s made you teary, she serves up the funniest essay on bras you’ll ever read.

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula DalyJust What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly
This thriller plays on every mother’s worst fear: losing her child. But to add another layer of awfulness, protagonist Lisa Kallisto loses her best friend’s child, and that’s just the beginning of this sinister thriller set in England’s Lake District. We love books that totally surprise with a twist at the end, and this one delivers. Note: busy mums freaking out about juggling work, kids, and distractions may want to read this tale with all the lights on.




The Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You by Jessica AlbaThe Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You by Jessica Alba
Celebrities: seems they’re just like us! They stress out over conflicting baby advice, wish they could live in their yoga pants, and start their own companies to manufacture non-toxic baby and mom products when they can’t source anything else reliable. Ok, maybe we’re not exactly like Jessica Alba’s on that last one, but while we approached her book with some cynicism, we were won over by its charmingly down-to-earth approach and DIY suggestions. While it’s not exactly a revelation that toxins lurk all around us, it’s also a fun read with unexpectedly helpful advice for everything from de-gunkifying bath toys, to getting your kids over jet lag, to NASA studies on exactly which houseplants you need to “scrub” your indoor air. So brainy mums who also secretly love Star magazine, grab a tall glass of green juice and enjoy some astronaut science, Jessica Alba style.

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By: Channing Rodman

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