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Filed Under Stuff | March 5, 2013

ivivva lululemon

Vancouver and lululemon are synonymous, linked both by a pervasive yoga-pant-wearing Vancourite image and the fact the company is based in our fair city. And now lululemon has launched a new brand, ivivva  athletic: ‘tweenaged’ athletic apparel for girls aged 4 – 14, ivivva lets girls rock their yoga pants – and volleyball shorts, and dance gear, and figure skating outfits – with as much panache as you do!

Designed with the same attention to detail, quality, and design you expect from lululemon, ivivva is all about active wear for active girls. They host in-store design parties to get feedback from real girls on their products, and weekly dance classes at their stores. The clothes are also designed to fit girls’ bodies; they’re not just scaled down versions of what we wear. Using high-quality technical fabrics, ivivva has everything your active girl needs, from tights and pants, to sports bras (the day our daughters need sports bras looms ever closer, and we’re seriously not prepared!), to dance skirts, to leotards, to jackets and hoodies.

We’ve seen a range of girls — a pre-K ballerina wannabe, a 6-year-old parkour enthusiast, an 8-year-old soccer player, and a 10-year-old dancer — rocking ivivva gear, and like for many of us, the clothes have transitioned to everyday wear for our tween testers. These are definitely great clothes for moving, grooving, and growing in.  A lot of the models on their site are at the older end of the age range for the sizes they offer, but don’t let that put you off checking out their clothes for younger girls … and hopefully boys soon, too!

Like their mother brand, clothes from ivivva are not inexpensive, but they wear well, wash well, and are often designed to grow with their wearers, like their tights, which can be customized by length as your child shoots up like a weed. Available at ivivva stores in the Lower Mainland and online, these clothes are seriously comfortable, with no scratchy tags and bulky seams in the way, and four-way stretch — which our kids need more than we do, being (significantly!) more flexible than we are.

Perhaps ivivva means “like mother, like daughter” in lulu-speak?

ivivva athletica: www.ivivva.com

By: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit

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